Anyone got some experience/input on this?

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  1. Sloppychauncy

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    Ok so right now I’m on clomid 50 mg a day for trt, but I’m thinking about going back on trt “hardcore” (was on it for roughly ~11 months-18 months but eventually came off for personal reasons at the time) my question is, does anyone have any experience with running Hgh with trt and/or hcg AND (possibly) insulin? My goal is to recomp
  2. Mighty-mouse

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    I run just 290mg a week test and now 4iu growth split.

    My goal is to keep test around 1400 at all time.

    I don’t use clomid or hcg have 2 kids don’t need any more

    What’s your question
  3. Mighty-mouse

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    I don’t have experience in insulin
  4. 350lift

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    Don’t do insulin on trt??? What a waste. Use it when u have the strong androgens jeez
  5. Sloppychauncy

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    Ok just wondering why or if there’s any specific reason why? I don’t plan on it, I was just thinking of throwing it in there for some extra recomp help but I don’t need to. I just wanted to run as good of a recomp cycle as possible for my possibly last cycle.
  6. 350lift

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    Because insulin is serious shit it’s not something u just cruise on to recomp.
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    He is so right about it. Insulin has no joke. you must be aware. Liver or kidney may have recovery. But pancreas kills.
  8. lilhawk

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    If you're running GH for long periods, or at higher dosages, then insulin will actually give your pancreas a break from trying to crank out extra insulin. So it is actually good for you in that way, much better than being constantly insulin resistant from GH. I'm going to give Lantus a run here starting next week. Been years since I have used insulin, and the only one I ever used was Humalog. Always use Serostim, and can't use metformin because it upsets my stomach no matter how I take it, so Lantus is something I'm going to try. IMO you really have to screw up to hurt yourself with insulin.