Anyone have armed security/bouncer experience?

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  1. Footfkedurgirl

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    Been in the security game for a while , for those of you who don't know the money is either in armed security or being a club/bar doorman.
    Anybody from the northeast have theirs and can tell me how long it could take?
    Also for those who have partaken in nightlife security at bars and such what was your experience like ?
  2. nervje

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    Im from europe and work as a bouncer for over a year now. Never got into trouble yet really, and dont even have fighting skills, im just jacked. But its all how you approach people. Talking calm, solves everything almost
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  3. TRT@40

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    More than a decade back when I was studying engineering at a University, I worked at a club during weekend nights. Like nervje, I don't really have any fighting skills per se but I was at my prime in hugeness at that time so nobody really fucked with me. Except for one night at the club when a boxer who was high on crack threw a pretty heavy punch on my skull from the side and almost knocked me out. In the end, he got the shit beat out of him and got thrown out of the club. So sometimes you run into some addicts who are high and can't really feel much pain...
    Other than that It was fucking some of the most enjoyable times of my life. Cute girls trying to pick you up, dance with you and underage girls trying to bribe you by literally forcing you to squeeze their goodies ...
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  4. flenser

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    I have experience being bounced a couple of times. Those guys earn their pay for sure : )
  5. nervje

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    Good times for sure. Started it because of my education and needed more money, now i dont need to be a bouncer anymore, but im single and havent got anything to do on weekends. Fuck a girk from the club here and there, maybe meet a cute ine and overall get paid for connecting to people.
  6. Xragexx

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    I bounced at a strip club in my early 20’s, it was fun in the moment because I loved coke, strippers and fighting.

    Married with children now, I wouldn’t ever consider doing it again. I got to point where I realized if I ever took a blade or a bullet it would not only be detrimental to me physically but financially also. The money was good because the girls tipped us well.

    All in all it was fun and it there was never a dull moment with that job.
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  7. Demondosage

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    Fuck that, too many other ways to make money than taking that sort of risk. You never know who you're dealing with nowadays.

    For example, I'm friends with a guy who took a hunting knife to his back and into his lung from a career criminal. He almost died from it.

    On top of risking a serious injury, stabbing or shooting, you have jack shit for rights. You touch someone and they'll sue you, even if security was needed they'll sue ya. Bar ain't taking up for ya either. But you're the man when they need a deterrent from trouble right?

    I could see an armed guard , not a roadhouse type bouncer though, fuck that!!
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  8. fodsod

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    100% pure liability on you regardless of your actions in a situation both civilly and legally. Add a firearm or a weapon of any kind into that mix and you're talking about life changing situations. One arrest, one law suit and you're ruined for a long time. Not to mention.....

    People are so quick to weapons and ambushing others in today's world. All the muscle in the world won't stop a bullet or a blade. It's not uncommon for security guys to get jumped after hours on the way to their vehicle or followed and run off the road. Jump into a crowd to break up a fight and some guy slashes your back wide open with a razor blade he snuck in.

    There are better ways to make money. If you want to legit EP work or private sector security with a company that only uses trained and properly screened employees then that's different. It can be a decent career.