Anyone have experience with Axiron????

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    infinitiifx Junior Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with Axiron. …Good/bad??

    I’ve been on Testim for about 4 months now with no problems but recently I’ve been starting to get acne on my upper arms that’s starting to get a little worse. I don’t have acne anywhere else, just the areas where I’ve been applying the Testim. I’ve been avoiding applying on my upper arms and just been applying to chest for the past couple of days.

    I’m not sure if I should just stick to what I have or should I try this out and see what happens. The only thing that appeals to me is the application part and it’s cheaper. Testim would be $60 a month and Axiron would be $25. I tried looking up some information on it but there really isn’t that much out there.

    The only drawback from what I’ve read is that since your applying in the underarm area there is less surface area for the body to absorb compared to applying to the upper chest and arms. You can only put on so much in an area to the point where your body is not able to absorb all of it. Axiron is 2% testosterone strength compared Testim which is 1%. Would that make up the difference??

    What do you guys think about it?
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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    CubbieBlue Member

    I don't think the acne is a result of the topical application, it's probably more a result of the increased systemic T/DHT.

    When you got acne as a teenager did you get it on the arms as well or is this a new thing?
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    infinitiifx Junior Member

    That's what I was afraid of but as a teenager I got really bad facial acne from middle school all the way to my senior year until I started on retin a micro, clindamycin, and an antibiotic. Since then I haven't had issues.

    Body wise I hardly got any acne besides the occasional few on my arms or back. Sometimes in small clusters but they would go away. I would say this is a new thing
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    The Promise Program from AXIRON
    AXIRON Promise Program - AXIRON (testosterone) topical solution

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    Studmuffindrummer Junior Member

    what's up, I never took axiron, but I recently looked into it because my insurance is changing and I wanted to consider all of my covered options. I came across a site of people reviewing it and from what I saw, people said they thought the idea of the applicator was clutch, but it was much sloppier and watery then they anticipated. In the overall ratings, it didn't do as well as testim or androgel. With that said, I have absolutely no experience with axiron, but I'm interested in the thread, just wanted to try to help. Maybe google axiron reviews and see if that helps.
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    railrider Junior Member

    Im taking it now. 1 pump under each arm with 500ius hcg/day. I feel fantastic and have great libido. I get my first labs done on the 15th. You do have to be careful putting it on or you can loose some of the solution. Ive used both androgel and testim. I hated testim.
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    nneptune Junior Member

    I'm on week 3 of Axiron. It just really kicked in and it's GREAT!
    Libido is incredible! Got my energy back, and feel great! Your doctor can give you a coupon for the first pump free, and the company sends out a $25 copay card (even if you have insurance) to pay for it for a year. Well worth it!
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    hoosierflyguy Junior Member

    I've been using Axiron for only a week and a half (60mg) and can't believe how quickly I am responding to HRT. My libido has improved and my ED problem is starting to disappear. If this stuff doesn't really kick-in until after 2-3 weeks, I am excited about the prospect of returning to normal sexual activities.

    The application process involves a learning curve. The solution is watery and easy to spill. Application takes some caution and patience. But from what I have read, Axiron is better absorbed because of the nature of the solution and application location.

    Acne is a common side effect of ALL HRT, so I don't think changing brands will reduce the acne...but I'm not a medical professional.

    The problem I am having is sensitivity to the high alcohol content of the solution. I am developing rashes in some areas of my underarms. However, I am willing to put up with some discomfort there in exchange for better sexual performance.

    I got in on the Lilly "Promise Program" free 30-day with prescription and $25 refills for one year. What it will cost after that I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
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    pcgizzmo Junior Member

    Did any of you that are having good results have issues w/transdermals like androgel etc?? When I say issues I mean as in they didn't work or absorb?
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    hoosierflyguy Junior Member

    The only issue I have experienced is a rash due to the high alcohol content and skin sensitivity in the application location. So far I have experienced a good pharmacological's working!
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    foreveryoung Member

    did the rashes clear up? are you still feeling ok now that it is a few months later?
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    rmphoto Junior Member

    Last fall I was placed on Testim. Hated the smell and especially the stickiness, but felt better than I did on androgel. After 60 days, I started breaking out in tiny red bumps over the entire application area. Dr. switched me back to injections and I've felt great since. It took several months for all the red bumps to totally go away.
    I also had a much estrogen spike with the injections.
    Just my experience.
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    desktop Junior Member

    I was getting testosterone shots once a month from my doctor, then he recommended Axiron. He gave me the prescription and I've been using it for about a week now. It's a messy operation so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it up.

    My hair has started to thin out in the front. I noticed this about a month ago, while I was still on the shots. It's pretty alarming, because I have always had a full head of hair and I do not want to start loosing it. After doing some research I found that most baldness is caused when hair follicles become exposed to too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a chemical produced by testosterone. It makes the hair follicles shrink if there is too much of it circulating in the blood.

    So I'm not sure at this point what to do. I certainly don't want to loose my hair. I'll discuss this with the doc the next time I see him.
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    alabuck Junior Member

    I have been on Axiron for about 8 weeks. I, too, have only had a slight and short-lived burning sensation at the application sites. Being 60 years old, with some severe spinal issues and my testosterone levels slightly below normal, my romantic life wasn't what it used to be. My Dr suggested I try Axiron. So far, my energy level is up and I've found I don't need the "Blue pill" nearly as much as before. (I wish it could help with my back issues.)

    One of the cautions about Axrion is how it can effect sleep apnia. I have OSA and use a BiPap machine, nightly. Thus far, I've had no ill effects from the Axrion.

    My only complaint concerns the dispensing cup you're supposed to pump the Axrion into prior to applying it. I've wasted several doses trying to pump the Axrion into the dispenser. The Axrion either came out in several spurts, most missing the cup; or, in one long powerful squirt which ran up and over the lip of the dispenser. This results in a waste of money and is a health hazard to others in the household. After a while, I simply started to squirt the Axrion directly onto my armpits and then, with my arms bent at the elbows, sway my arms front to back as I held them tight against my sides. This way, I was able to apply the Axrion in a fashion similar to using the despenser. Plus, I didn't waste any as every last drop went to where it was supposed to go.
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    BBC3 Member

    Thats a good point. But how about when ya try to put the cap back on before te dispenser and shoot it all over the floor - LOL. So I got some samples and trying. I assume 2 pumps is 5mgs/day delivered and 3 pumps is 7.5?? Anyone know...?

    Really though what is the difference in the standard gels other that they have crammed more test into each ml? So now you can get it in a smaller spot? Is that it?

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    BBC3 Member

    Found this in the prescribing info. Seems a bit moot and confusing. Anyone... While axiom in neither of these, is this a sales pitch to juicers and Dbol gobblers?!?!?!

    5.6 Hepatic Adverse Effects
    Prolonged use of high doses of orally active 17-alpha-alkyl androgens (methyltestosterone) has been associated with serious
    hepatic adverse effects (peliosis hepatitis, hepatic neoplasms, cholestatic hepatitis, and jaundice). Peliosis hepatitis can be a lifethreatening
    or fatal complication. Long-term therapy with intramuscular testosterone enanthate has produced multiple hepatic
    adenomas. AXIRON is not known to cause these adverse effects.

    Dont think I have ever seen this angle approached in testosterone presrcibing info either...

    7.1 Insulin
    Changes in insulin sensitivity or glycemic control may occur in patients treated with androgens. In diabetic patients, the
    metabolic effects of androgens may decrease blood glucose and, therefore, insulin requirement.

    Is this just a basic TT molecule?
    (attached or showing not sure at time of post)

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    BBC3 Member

    So I thought about grandizing this into my own self started thread, but this one has some steam....

    Like I said I got some sample and I must say I AM LIKIN IT.... Heres why...:

    First we really need to analyze why it is these companies producing these miracle rubs have the profound wisdom to decide where we RUB IT.???!!! I suspect mostly it really gives some validity to the whole HANS Type "the site locate makes a difference" mentality. And make no mistake, I have never knocked this type of thinking. SO why the different recommended areas/ REALLY. Cause I CALL BULLSHIT there is no technical reason.

    1. I suspect the Axiom pump has simply doubled the amount of SynT per ML of Alcohol in order to make the dose small enough to go on the arm pits. And make no mistake. You better have a big smelly fucking armpit to handle a full sqirt of the stuff. Skinny guys would have to rub it halfway down to their elbows STILL to get Axiom all in there, or else lay there under a fan whilst it drys, but then the dose per cm of skin protocol is fucked.... I am not a big experienced with past gels/creams, but I SUSPECT they were double the VOLUME. I am guessing Axiom has just figured they can get the same EFFECTIVE amount working when most guys are saturating areas anyway. ACTUALLY, Axiom may plan on 2 a day applications now that I think about it....! YOU WILL NOTICE THAT NO WHERE IN THE LITERATURE DO THEY STATE WHAT A DOSE SHOULD IMPART TO THE BLOOD LEVELS as a DIRECT MG per dosage persay..!!! Only speak of BS Serum counts over time. For example, you know that if 1% so and so gel at 50mgs - you are supposed/forcasted to uptake 5mgs.. So actually, Axiom may expect two a day dosing for the equivalant....

    2. Now I am mind struck cause I think I am getting mostly androgenic effects from the axiom. And under the arm with nothing but hair, ass, and stank. Go figure. This area I speculate is laiden with Androgen receptors, and whens the last time you saw a FAT PIT. Well.... But it is last it seems. So BASICALLY, they figured this out and have taken the normal gel and are simply advising of cutting it in half to two/day dosing so thay you can get it all under arms. I will confess I have been splashing the undercarriage too, but come on.. Who could resist....

    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY. This company has realized the problem with the "LOW T MALE". They have forseen that all these fat and sedentary guys are not metabolising past forms to androgens and just decided to apply test to an androgen laiden area - straight up... Touche.... The riddle is solved. Negatively, I have actually felt some weird heart stress since starting and wonder if not androgen related....
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    BBC3 Member

    So my verdict after running through a sample product is THIS:

    RASPUTIN RATING - AAAA+ out of five.

    1. Cant say enought good things...
    2. Me likes it...
    3. Good stuff..

    Seriously, after trying it and only having limited experience with creams and gels, Axiron has got something going on here that may be unprecedented. Again, my experience is limited to Testim only I think I recall. What really put it over the top for me today is that I ran out of sample, so I dragged up a testim sample tube out of the old bag. THIS STUFF SUCKS IN COMPARISON... Axiron MAY corner the market here. I went over to BKs site to see how its made to try to get a handle on it. I did not find any direct recipies claiming to mimic either product, but basically what I suspect is that Axiron is minimal in ingredients. Applying some testim to the boys and poker, IT HURT LIKE A BASTARD in comparison. I tried some Testim at the underarm (Where Axrn is meant to be applied), and it still hurt. I suspect that this indicates that classic gels like Testim have a bunch more chems in them to attemp to get the testosterone to penetrate the skin. I also suspect that Axrn may not even work - LOL. But seriously, I cant understate how much slappin some-O-Dat-Shit,,, In-De-Pit,, - Drives the Pooosey WILD. Dont know why either, but could be that the smell with Testim SUCKS and could probably make a Grizzly Bear pack his bags and leave in lieu of a nice bag a beef if you coated it with it....[:eek:)] The Axiron seems to just mesh with natty body scents and greatly enhances any natural DHT production/emination at the arm pit I suspect - And with no audible trace of any hormone cream supplemented. If you note they tell you to wash the applicator well with each use. Really, if you dont you will notice the testosterone "powder" start to accumulate in the applicator every time you load it up again. I dont guess testim was ever applied in a way that would cause this to be evident at any time.

    1. Axiron seems to work well to stimulate chicks and just on a stroll-by.
    2. I dont think I even had to use deoderant at any time during usage. I dont think you would want to. The blend of natural perspiration and Axiron seems to synergize to create hot & wet vaginas.
    3. The is no real pain issue when applying to cock & balls. In fact it was invigorating and somewhat addictive. I think the only reason they tell ya not to put it there is so your wife dont get any in her mouth.. LOL
    4. The Axiron product as a whole just flat out seems ADDICTIVE, and I found myself wanting to apply it ofter (for some reason unclear). I did notice a higher attraction level when using it and may be the reason. But also it just seemed to inspire me to see if I could add new life or size to the prime unit by direct application. Go figure...
    5. I do suspect that the realized effect may be less than classic gels, but I could be wrong. In fact, there was a day there after a few days of three-a-day applications that I bloated up real nasty estrogen like. I still suspect there are certain unknown biological condtions that may alter the uptake (unclear).
    6. I suspect this may be an experiment to see it men can become satisfied with their TT levels, and not even giving a shit enough to get tested cause it may dirve chicks batshit. Just my own conspiracy BS.

    So if the good folks at Axiron are watching. MAKE ME YOU POSTER CHILD. I need sponsorship... LOL Seriously, I may trade in my Tcyp injectible for a while to run this longer and see if it keeps pleasing me. Keep in mind I had not had a Tcyp injection in 8 weeks at least prior to starting it....:)
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    Tyler81 Member

    I dont get the hype.

    It's basically more concentrated Testim or androgel.

    Why would someone switch from Testim or Androgel when they could just slap some of the dose under their arms, and then rotate to other sites too like shoulders, biceps, flanks, back, and legs????

    Thats what I do anyway. Sometimes I will use my armpits as an application site.

    Why would this be any different?

    I understand its more concentrated but i dont think that justifies the switch (from Testim or Androgel) ?


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