Anyone having issues with cashapp?


It worked fine last week. Today tried to buy bitcoin, said transaction failed, tried to add cash, same thing, called my bank they said its all good. Tried random amounts and it kept failing but it added $1 when I tried. Then tried like $20 and it worked. Tried it again, failed, tried smaller amounts failed. Bank said they only see the charges that didn't say failed, nothing pending or denied


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Yep. Happened to me when I first DLd it like 2 months ago and haven’t tried science. No resolutions from the support team either.


Cashapp closed my account for no reason last week. I have a few hundred bucks stuck in it that I can't figure out how to withdraw. Nothing from support.
It's been known to happen, if it's not your bank declining the transaction as a form of fraud protection (it's probably not) then you have to get Support to re-enable transactions on your account.

As far as I know, getting support to reset your account is the only way.


Yes, they still haven't verified my account 2 months after sending info so I am unable to withdraw. I've sent at least 3 emails to CS.

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