Anyone heard of this lab/used this lab?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by picholas, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. picholas

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    My friend is running their gear, haven't heard of it was wondering if anyone has.

  2. kendallkmw

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    Damn even got a barcode on the packing! :eek:
  3. picholas

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  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    Searched around and couldn't find any info on em
  5. LA_1988

    LA_1988 Member Supporter

    His thoughts on it ?
  6. picholas

    picholas Member

    He exclusively uses their gear and Alpha Pharma and loves it. Been on the national stage twice now...

    I'm just skeptical by nature and like more customer feedback than one person, even someone I know and trust.

    Hoping someone on here has, found someone on here that ran their orals a long time ago and had no complaints, but that was 2+ years ago.

    I am more interested in the oils anyway.
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  7. kendallkmw

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    Its all a matter of opinion unless you have the gear lab tested.
  8. picholas

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    He used a labmax so it is what it says it is at least. And he get's his bloods on it -- and they always look good. But yeah I agree, just was wondering if anyone else has used them before I commit to it myself.

    Couldn't find any actual testing of the gear.
  9. kendallkmw

    kendallkmw Member

    Still a matter of opinion unless you have it mass spec tested. Its one thing to know what it is and another to know the dosing.

    They sponsor other pages so I'm sure you can get all kind of smoke blown up your ass about it. Personally ill stick to my prescription for my TRT and tried and true ugls for the rest.
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  10. picholas

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    True, but I'd take some opinions on it at this point. Unfortunately no script here.