Anyone heard of UXL?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by InFlames, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member busted in a hurry dropping off 18 packs at post office. Inspector general happened to be there. By chance. Kinda just got screwed by bad luck. Don’t quote me, but that’s the story i believe.
  2. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    And his orals worked for me. Everything from him was really good in my experience. I had adrol and winny. He was my first...aaahhhhh.
    You never forget ur first. Was special, a bit painful but then felt nice..and oily.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Ouch that clearly is bad news if anyone can confirm that.
  4. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    I have it on pretty good authority but you never know. I’m not sure why i even know this at all.
  5. With his sudden departure, it would make sense. Those who dealt with him know what state he's in, so i would think if it were true, then eventually we'll see some news from that area of the country regarding a bust.
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  6. MetalHeavy6

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    If i hear anything else...i will def let everyone know. From what i know, he was a pretty good dude. I don’t know him.
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  7. bombtrack

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    What happened to that other forum he was on and then went private? I just made a post asking what happened to that forum.
  8. Willyb170

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    What a slut. He was my first too
  9. @heady muscle let me go off topic for a moment and ask, do you know what's up with the SG forum? Been down for days now. Any insight?
  10. heady muscle

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    Long delay here,
    I haven't been going over there lately. Shit, I have had time to be on any forums. Between work and remodeling the house.....
    Not any help I am? lol
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  11. Oldschool

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    @Skull should be able to answer those questions. Lol
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  12. Damn it. Why didn't i think of that? :oops:
    @Skull man, you got the skinny on SG? Been down for an unusual amount of time now. Genome needs to pay his bill! :D
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    Hmmm i haven't been aroun their in a while. I got a new phone an lost all my damn info lol. Tbh i haven been on the forums nuch lately tryn to get my shit straight in life. Shits startin to come together slowly though so i can devote so more time to my Meso family