Anyone here takes levothyroxine, synthroid, or armour For HypoThyroid?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by HQProperty, Jul 7, 2009.

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    HQProperty Junior Member

    Im going to start taking levothyroxine soon.

    Please tell me which you are taking.
    levothyroxine, synthroid, or armour..etc

    I wanted to know if you guys felt any benefits from it or did it make your symptoms worse? If so what symptoms did you have from the beginning and which ones improved?

    Im hoping it helps me with my anxiety, energy, brain fog.

    Did your testosterone Increase by taking care of your thyroid?

    I see most guys here using Armour Thyroid instead of levothyroxine. Why is that? My doc said she only prescribes levothyroxine not armour. So whats the difference?

    levothyroxine is the generic and synthroid is the brand name, is there a difference besides price?

    By reading on google it looks like Armour is Natural and has t4 and t3 and levothyroxine is synthetic (t4). Should i try to get Armour instead? or just try the levothyroxine?

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    susmani Junior Member

    I started levothyroxine six weeks ago, and today I just had my blood drown to see status of thyroid. My doctor prescribed Synthroid 150 MCG but I got levothyroxine from CVS which is generic. I will not go in detail about my symtoms since you pull my old post about a month ago and read everything.

    You need to take synthroid or levo in empty stomach and the you can get the best result by taking it early in the morning before you have your breakfast and try to wait another 30 minutes after you take it. For first 10 days I didn't know that and taking my medicine after my breakfast. I started seing changes eversince I am taking it emply stomach.

    Major change that I noticed is morning errections which I even don't remember when was the last time i felt this good. I also noticed a 10% improvement in constipation related symptoms, and I alos notice a significant imporvement in morning fatigues.

    Today asked the clinic to test testosterone level and cholestrol profile.

    I don't have any knowledge about Armour or natural thyroid hormone as of now.

    If you don't mind could you please post your all the symtoms, your age and for how long you have been like this. I would like to update my posting as well as my symptoms improve this will help others to understand it well.

    Thank you.
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    HQProperty Junior Member

    Thanks for the reply. Good to see its working out for you.

    Im 25, I also have low testosterone about 300-320.

    The symptoms i have: Anxiety, Brain Fog, Fatiuge, Low energy, erection problems. I noticed these problems like 3 years ago and it kept getting worse with time. I finally found a doctor who actually cares. I knew something was wrong with me. I just hope the levothyroxine works out. If not i will have to go on trt or hcg monothearpy to feel better.

    I also heard you should get blood work done every 6 weeks to know if you need dose increases. But once its stable you can get blood work done like every 6 months.

    How old are you and do you also have low testosterone?
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    avast322 Junior Member

    I have been on levothyroxine my entire life. I was diagnosed with hypothalamic hypothyroidism. Sometimes, I totally forget that I'm even on it. I've never ahd problems with my sex drive until about a year ago. My doctor thought I was hypogonadal and put me on TRT. This made it a little worse. I was experience some hypothyroid symptoms at .137 and I felt like I needed to be at 150 so I tried going up to 150. When I did, I felt so much better and in combination with the hcg, I felt much better "down there" for awhile.
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    susmani Junior Member

    I am 39 year old. I will find out about my T level in a couple of days and will share with this forum.

    Well, I am not a doctor, but have gone through lots of reading through forums like this and others, and I think it will not be a good idea to start TRT before knowing the root cause, as you can see from 'avast322's posting about getting TRT without knowing the root cause.

    I contacted a Psychiatrist first because I thought I am having some mental issues, and my Psychiatrist told me he will not prescribe anything until he his certain about the root cause and with my first blood test we came to know about my hypothyroidism which is the major contributing factor in my depression as well. AT this point I don't have any depression with only six week of levo therapy. I don't have ED or anything close to it as a mater of fact my erection is as good as when I was in my teens which is pretty weird though, but I am suffering from sexual dysfunction like 'Premature Ejaculation', and feeling lethargic after sex and that keeping me to stay away from sex, and also suffering from low libido.

    I can tell you from my research (only reading the research of Phd's and MD's) the 300 T is on lower end but this is not the cause of ED issues, since I came across guys with 280 or below with no ED at all. There are other hormones and chemicals and there ratio with your body and with the level of testosterone cause ED issues, and once this is evaluated or tested and treated you will be fine. Don't rush for TRT for atleast 18 month to 24 month since it will take almost a year before we will be able to control thyroid issue. I personally look into this area once I will move from every six week of thyroid testing to every six month.

    Than you,
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    HQProperty Junior Member

    I went to a thyroid specialist today just for a 2nd opnion. He said my other doc is doing the right thing by treating me with levothyroxine. I asked him if he can do all the proper tests so we can be sure. But he said he would start me on 75mcg instead of 25mcg.

    t3, Total
    T4, Total
    T3, Free
    T3, Reverse
    Ultrasensitive TSH
    Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibodies

    Im also going to do the 4x saliva cortisol test to check the adrenals.

    I will post the results of the test once i get them.

    Mind telling us the dosage your taking for the levothyroxine.

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    susmani Junior Member

    I am on 150 mcg of Levo.
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    susmani Junior Member

    HQProperty, I Just sent you a PM. Thanks.
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    HQProperty Junior Member

    did the doc first start you off on 25mcg first then increased it?

    thanks for the info in the PM. I will def try it out. sounds interesting. Mind me asking where you found that.
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    susmani Junior Member

    My doctor who is my primary care physician not an Endocrinologist (I am looking for one) started out with 150mcg, and later I asked him why you started me with 150 since i noticed most people start at 50 mcg. He told me it is related to my weight and severity of hypothyroid symptoms. He told me he always start with 150 mcg if the patient caries major symptoms such as low energy, difficult to get going in the mornings, constipation and falling hair. I am 170 lbs. It seems like he know what he is doing. He refer me to an endocrinologist back in May and the earliest appointment I got is for 08/25/09 which is way too far so I started on 150 mcg. I am glad I found this forum, and after educating myself from I am thinking to start my treatment from someone who is expert on these issue and have treated the root cause of this problem. I am considering to pursue with Dr. J. C (in Michigan) since I have some family there so it will be more comfortable.

    The recipe that I sent you I got from the family of a doctor who treated thyroid patient when there was no synthetic hormones available and natural thyroid hormones were way too difficult to find.

    I share this recipe with you and I hope this will work for you as well then I will post the recipe in this forum as well for everyone to use. I am bit reluctant since I am the only one so far using and feeling real good and if you see the same results then it will be better to share with everyone.

    Thank you.
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    zkt Member

    Almost all of the circulating plasma t3 and T4 are bound to globulins- large protein molecules that prevent the smaller T3 and T4 molecules from diffusing into the extra cellular fluid (ECF) and effecting their receptors of the target cells. If one begins with a small dose the globulins tend to bind it and inhibit it`s effectiveness. A full replacement dose (>112mcg/d) resets the homeostatic equlibrium at higher free T3 and T4 levels. After a few days the dose can be titrated down to the least effective dose.
    You guys have a pretty good handle on this subject. Is this right out of google or some kind of background?

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