Anyone pay for there VPN service?

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  1. Pierced

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    Was considering proton premium includes VPN upgrade as well as the mail upgrade. So does anyone pay for there VPN service? Is it worth it in your opinion. Also the proton VPN mail combo is quite a bit cheaper than most others charge for VPN alone. Any reason why that is?
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    I use Proton free. Maybe not the smartest, but if we use their free email, why not the free VPN? As far as the combo being cheaper, they’re obviously not in it for the money and by offering it at a lower cost, they can hopefully gain more business. On the other hand, it could be cheap because it really doesn’t work or they sell you out lol. I k ow it works because when I login to certain things like my credit card apps, it says I can’t access it from my location and I get various ads from the countries I’m supposedly in.
  3. Artifex

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    I do have professional account with VPN , all from Proton ... I am happy with that , customer service ( online support great )..
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    Proton is one of the least expensive and the best on the market and there is nothing wrong with their free service the only difference is the free give access to just a few servers perhaps two in the US and a few in other countries and the servers you have access to are not their Premium servers (faster speed) but are just fine for nearly anything except maybe streaming video when servers are under peak load things may be a little slow then. I know Windscribe a canadian company also offers a free vpn I think monthly data limit is 5G also with a limited number of servers around the world perfect for web activity though audio and video will burn thru the 5G pretty quick. Proton is one of the few companies that own all of their own servers vs most companies simply lease space at server farms this is how some vpn providers advertise thousands of servers for you to choose from they are all leased which means anyone that has access to the server farm has physical access to the leased server to install monitoring software if they wanted without the vpn provider even knowing about it (Nord and ExpressVPN for example.) Proton owns their servers and only access to them is to break into their server facility or via court order in the country of that particular server because of this proton has less servers than many competitors. How any servers do you need? I rotate thru 4 different ones for various reason I dont need thousands. The claim that having thousands available eliminates load which make for faster speed; I have never had an issue with proton speed including hi-def video. Paid Proton also offers secure-vault or something like that where they run your IP thru two servers supposedly making it impossible to trace you (other than your computer fingerprint) even if the end of their server is being monitored almost impossible to trace you like a tor feature this will slow the speed slightly but not enough for concern its still faster than using a tor browser. As far as logging I believe they only keep the account number assigned to your log-in ID and the last date and time you logged in but not the amount of time you were logged in or obviously any of your activity. They say they need to know when your ID logged in in order to control access based on your plan I think free plans get one ID to log in at a time and paid might get 5 devices to be logged in at a time and premium i think gets more ID to be used at any one time other than that they say they have nothing to turn over to LE in thee event of a warrant. And with that said if you want to pay for your account being completely anonymous using CIM as a payment it's not listed on the website as an option but if you want just email them tell them you want to pay cash and they will give you an address to send to in switzerland just make sure to wear your groucho marx disguise when you go to the post office otherwise smiling for the security cameras will defeat the whole purpose of mailing cash to begin with. I did a lot of research on vpns a few years ago and proton seemed to be the best choice all around. Hemingway signing off.
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    NordVPN is another good one and it’s like $80 for 3 years
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    I pay for my VPN services, some of the free one's harvest data or at the very least throttle speeds.

    Some of the best providers are AirVPN, Mullvad, PRQ, Proton, and cryptostorm. Cryptostorm is one of the only VPN's im aware of that takes XMR which is nice.
  7. Sworder

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    I pay for a VPN. It is pretty important for me.
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    I use my tor browser on phone. Its for free and you can choose what countries ip you want to use just like payed versions. Ive used this for many years via darknet along with wiker for messaging.
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    Pay anonymously with bitcoin there’s loads of good cheap ones.
    In my opinion it is worth it in this surveillance day and age.
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    I have used cryptostorm for a few years for torrenting and other reasons. Never had any issues with them and the speeds are good too.