Anyone recommend a good bitcoin wallet? Circle fucked me over.

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by ebkallday, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    Im throwing down on the deep web and my spot has a timelimit to submit bitcoin. I went through circle, which takes well beyond my parment window. Pain in the ass. I need a quicker transfer. Any help would be great.

  2. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    I've never done it myself and the price would almost surely be inflated, but you can buy bitcoin on ebay and I'd assume it would be immediately available.

    Do you have Coinbase? I used to use it before my Circle limit got raised to get more than $300 in one week. I think they start you off with $200-300 minimum as well.
  3. MassTurk

    MassTurk Member

    Coin base I have been using them over a year never any problems as you use them your limits go higher I will look into coin base
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  4. TRT

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    Ya I've been thinking about doing this. It's the "new" thing now so fuck it. Why not. I'm down. Easier then WU I'm told.

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  5. ronin17

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    Second my localbitcoins. My cellium also. Nice to see you big dog @ebkallday!!
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  6. Just Fish

    Just Fish Member Supporter

    How long did it take to raise your limit?
  7. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    It was a little over six months and probably 5-10 transactions. I got an email one day that said my limit was increased to $3k.
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  8. Just Fish

    Just Fish Member Supporter

    Thanks bro
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  9. penche

    penche Member

    What's up brotha hope your are doing well. I've used with good success same day transaction. It is a third party and they find your BTC for a fee. For instance, I was in a pinch and needed $120 in BTC same day. Well the fee was additional $20. Used them couple times without any issues. Good luck Ebk.
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  10. Ed Plucker

    Ed Plucker Member

    Don't use eBay man. Get yourself an account on and and u can buy BTC using a bank wire or WU. Then transfer the coins to ur PC and keep them there. Do not let ur Circle account accumulate because their limits are so weak. I use both Circle and Coinbase to buy coins and I actually sell them on paxful. I have made very good money from this. Once ur BTC on on your PC no one can ever track u. Thats the whole point of using a crypto-currency. Its totally private and untraceable. Never use a web-based wallet because if the place folds ur fucked.
  11. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    I've never used ebay, just giving options. I've got a $3k circle limit. Haven't used Coinbase since I got the limit increase. Interesting about selling bitcoin though.
  12. Ed Plucker

    Ed Plucker Member

    Yeah u can make very good money selling BTC online. I usually sell them for $900 per BTC and they sell all day. I take PayPal and they have an escrow account that u can release as soon as u confirm payment. I had 2 pricks try to scam me on paxful and I got them both banned. They don't play with scammers. One guy tried to chargeback the money from PayPal. But I just sent them the transaction details and won the dispute since Paxful maintains such good logs of all my transactions. If I had more money to spend I could probably make around $1,000 a day easily selling BTC on paxful and localbitcoins.
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  13. vidocq

    vidocq Member

    Looked at paxful and the only guy on there willing to sell $770 in bitcoin (~1 BTC at current market rate) only wanted to sell me half a BTC for $770...I don't know where you find a 50% markup to be better than the 1% Circle used to charge
  14. Ed Plucker

    Ed Plucker Member

    Bro, not everyone jacks the price up but some do. How r u trying to pay? I pay cash deposits into local banks and get close to 1 BTC for $770. The reason why I don't fuck with Circle is for two reasons. One u can only buy $300 per week, the other is that they check ur ID, SSN, address, etc. They totally miss the point of selling an anonymous currency. If u do buy on Circle transfer ur coins to ur wallet on ur PC then spend them anonymously. I sell BTC on for like $1,300 a BTC which is how I make a profit. But most of the people on paxful and localbitcoins will sell u any amount of BTC for less than $800...
  15. vidocq

    vidocq Member

    I selected "any payment method" and got 1 single seller...who wanted to rip me off
  16. Rupling

    Rupling Junior Member

    First thing, I respectfully recommend you don't use the terms "deep web" and "bitcoin" together, like they are dirty and you are doing something dirty with them....whether you are or not...Bitcoin/BTC is like cash. It can be used mostly for good, but because of its' anonymous features, it does have the opportunity to be abused. But a few bad apples SHOULD NOT be able to spoil the party for the whole bunch of us doing the right thing here going to work, paying taxes, contributing positively to society and not texting while driving. Now if you want a solid reliable site for honest, no shady deals try using It's a site for responsible adults who can be trusted with privacy and freedom without being watched like little children ;)