Anyone remember these literatures?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ed@mtl, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Any info in those worth sharing?
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    Ha I have the anabolic reference guide by Phillips, I think mines 5th edition though lol
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    download.jpg heard good things about them haven't personaly read through them tho
  5. Was just looking for a .pdf of that the other night. Couldn't scrounge one up though.

    Just want to peruse it's info before dropping $80 on the physical copy.
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    At that time. These were good reading. However, nowadays you can find all the info you need via the web.
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    Yeh I'm hesitant to spend 80 bucks on it to i have seen it mentioned in a bunch of videos an bye a couple doctors online an various people an forums but don't wanna spend that much money on something if I don't know that is has more knowledge than a Google search can give me the only plus is its doctors that helped make it so it will help separate bro science from real information
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