Anyone try this lab?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Sgt.Jarhead, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    Geneza Pharmaceuticals, or Sciroxx?

    Got some domestic, CDN on-line sources and these are the products they support. If so, what about their Orals?Test Sust?Deca?NPP?EQ? etc...

    Really hoping they are legit, cuts my previous sources prices almost in half!

    Thansk Bros
    Appreciate it.
  2. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    Geneza and Sciroxx were part of GenXXL I thought.
  3. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Axio Labs, Syntrex and Syntrop are part of GenXXL.
  4. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

  5. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Geneza (commonly referred to as GP) is a split from the original axiolabs guys. They went their separate ways and most of you know the online setups they now run from overseas.

    From everything I've been hearing lately, GP orals are beyond legit! The Anavar and dbol are getting a ton of praise on just about every board I am going to. My next order for orals will be for GP products. As for the injectables, they get mixed reviews. They have some really innovative products that I've always been interested in trying, such as a short estered EQ and a few mixes. But, I don't have enough feedback to make that jump yet.

    Sciroxx is getting very good reviews as well. I personally know several people using their injectables with great success. That's all the feedback I have for now. Hopefully I'll try some soon.:D
  6. Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    Haven't heard anything bad about either.
  7. Taoseeker

    Taoseeker Junior Member

    In a poll on another board, Sciroxx was voted everyone's favorite UG.
  8. ChaseQ

    ChaseQ Member

    Sciroxx for ridiculously fast T/A time. Cant comment on quality yet.
  9. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    Chase Sciroxx is beyond quality and everyone I know that has taken it including me thinks it's the best as far as UGL's go. You will love it period!
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  10. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    I should of mentioned GP is great for orals but I have read and heard that for some reason the Injects are hit or miss, but the orals are suppose to be top notch!
  11. buddy1

    buddy1 Member

    The owners of both Geneza and Sciroxx were originally part of Axio, then left. K started Syntrop, then Axio bought that from him, so he started Sciroxx.

    I've heard good reviews on both, especially Sciroxx. I was thinking about using their oxandrolone soon.
  12. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    You will be happy you did Buddy1
  13. TrainHard

    TrainHard Member

    I'll have to give Sciroxx a try this fall.

    What has everyone used Inj wise from them, and any feedback would be cool in my book
  14. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    Personally I have used Test e, Deca and masteron from them all very good. I know people who have used the Test Prop and tren A and loved it as well. I have not personally used any of the orals but I know people who have and they loved that as well.
  15. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    Honestly though from everything I have read and heard if your going orals then GP is the king of that market. People love them things! just weird how that company can't get their injects more constant?
  16. buddy1

    buddy1 Member

    I think making tablets requires more expensive equipment, but making injectables requires more skill.
  17. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    That explains it then, makes sense
  18. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    well, I am sold GP orals & Scrioxx injects .. can't wait to get into the next cycle only a few more months now
  19. LJV37

    LJV37 Junior Member

    Jarhead with that combo your going to get big as shit, enjoy