Anyone use Aromasin instead of Adex? Would like to see your dose.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Swolabetic, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Swolabetic

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    I am TRT but do blasts obviously. Recently ran a cycle at 400mg test with Mast 400mg as well. Anyways, I generally have always ran adex but my new supplier sold ARO instead. So, I PIN my Test 2x Weekly, Monday and THURSDAY. My Aro Pills were 12.5mg I simply ran the 12.5 with each pin. So, 12.5 2x weekly. My estro is at 14! Yes, I do bloods ALOT. I am also diabetic so comes with the territory.

    I just wanted to see/hear other experience with aromasin not ADEX. I think I preffer it now. I just feel a bit better on it. I see people talk about the short half life so they dose ED or EOD but from what I read, it kind of work for 3-4 days hence I decided to run it every 3.5. For ME, it worked. (To good technically).
  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    On 400 mg/test it’s likely you won’t need an AI but if you do, 12.5 mg of aromasin might be enough for the week. Aromasin and adex work slightly different so read about that. The Wikipedia has a good description and goes into “Suicidal Inhibitors”.

    Everybody is different so run it based off of bloodwork. For me, I can do 12.5 mg (half a tab) up to 500 mg/test. 500 to 750 mg/test and I’ll take two doses of 12.5/week Aromasin. And for 750 mg to 1,000 mg I’ll do 12.5 mg Aromasin EOD. There’s guys that can get by with less than that and there’s guys that need more than that or stronger AI or can’t even run test that high without become milk-filled water buffalos.

    Look into getting Pharma ancillaries. It’ll make your cycles more predictable. Caps are hard for UGLs to get accurately dosed and consistent and with Pharma it’s one less variable to control. There’s probably more Pharma sources in the Underground right now than UGLs. Look around. The prices are fairly comparable. Get a pill cutter from the amazon. It’s like $2.
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  3. Grab Bag

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    When you are running a single 12.5 dose a week, when are you doing it in relation to your pins?
  4. Skard

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    Usually nothing on less than 500 mg. 500+ I go 12.5 once a week, but not until week 5 or so. After that, if a few bumps pop up on the scalp or back, then I bump it up to 12.5 twice a week.
  5. murray312

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    I've been using ugl aromasin and need 25 mgs 2xs. A week Pretty sure it's underdosed. I'm pulling bloods Monday morning to find. Out for sure.
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  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    It’s not ideal, but just on one of the two days I pin. So I don’t forget.

    That 400-500 “mid-level” dose of test is a pain in the ass for me because of that. So I prefer higher testosterone cycles or test at TRT level doses if I’m running other compounds too.
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  7. EazyE

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    I like aromasin at 12.5mg / E3D. So essentially 2x / wk, when running test in the 800mg range. For 600mg test or less I do not usually require any, dependant on the other compounds in the cycle.
  8. Ophydian

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    I only use aromasin when acne side present themselves. It’s my go to sign my estrogen is high. I’ll take Aromasin EOD for a week and stop until sides present themselves again.
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  9. JC Grifter

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    I just had my doctor switch me from arimidex to aromasin. Holy shit it’s expensive lol. I had no idea such a difference. I was paying $2-$3 for Arimidex. Aromasin will cost me $84 after insurance. Guess what I’m sticking with
  10. Swolabetic

    Swolabetic Junior Member

    Wooh no shit?
  11. JC Grifter

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    Yup. Pharmacy called me this afternoon to tell me my script for testosterone and aromasin was ready. Asked me if I’d like the total. I said sure. And then I had a heart attack lol. I said “nah just fill the armidex again.”
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  12. GarlicChicken

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    I use aromasin primarily now because of the lesser effect on lipids. I use 12.5mg 3x weekly with 525mg test got me at 21.6 e2. That's more than I used to need but I'm older now so that's normal. I take 12.5mg every 4th-5th day on 250 test. Don't have any labs to prove it out but it seems right
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  13. JC Grifter

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    I’ve been on arimidex for 6 years and my lipids are always perfect. Is that really true that it’s hard on them? Or I just have a different reaction to it?
  14. getswole89

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    Has anyone found aromasin to work better to keep estrogen under control compared to Arimdex?
  15. Blange89

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    Lol I was on one of those dylan gemelli forums and they said to start at 12.5 eod and then eventually up it to 25 ed
  16. EazyE

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    Yeah that would be awesome lol
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  17. JC Grifter

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    aromasin is a suicide AI. So no estrogen rebound after you stop taking it.
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  18. Problem with aromasin is the half life. You fuck up and tank your e2 you gotta wait a little longer for it to come back up. I forget the exact times but it’s days compared to adex.

    I’ve always been told aromasin is way better to use if you’re dialed in and know what you’re doing adex is “best” when you are guessing I suppose because you have more wiggle room if you fuck up
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    TAKESHI Member

    adex has a longer half life then aromasin but has slightly more negative effects on bloodwork. Though this shouldn’t be an issue unless you are taking copious amounts for long durations.
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  20. Nismo99

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    aromasin has such a short half life (24 hours) that using it just twice a weeks seems odd to me. I check my bloods regularly as well, and for me at least, I need 12.5mg ED to keep my E2 in the happy zone. Running 500mg of test a week, and some other non-aromatizing compounds. I am running Dragon Pharma Aromasin, if you guys are curious.