Anyone use HUPharma for there Homebrew

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Mechanics, Aug 22, 2018.

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    I was just looking around the market and was thinking about doing a test run with HUPharma cause I've used PPL for sometime now . But have seen some alarming reviews that can't be overlooked with there raws have some heavy metals and arsinic in there Raws. I don't know the OP well . But sounds like there testing source had a lil confidents . And I just don't want to play around with that . Even if it's just smoke blown up there ass. There were more than one saying something about it. Which sucks because my friends and I have good things come from there Raws . So I was just going to let those bugs get worked out and wait till the dust settles and they get a different batch of materials in.
    If anyone has any imput . It would be much appreciated .
    Thanks ,
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    If I was a betting man, if ppl has heavy metals in his raws, I'm betting hupharma(or any other Chinese raws provider) will have heavy metals.

    Pandas not a manufacturer, he just buys in bulk, probably directly from raw manufacturers.

    But that's just all speculation, I dont know anything about hupharma.
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    That has crossed my mind more than once .
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    That's exactly what he's doing.
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    Did you evr go with hupharma