Anyone use HUPharma for there Homebrew

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  1. Mechanics

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    I was just looking around the market and was thinking about doing a test run with HUPharma cause I've used PPL for sometime now . But have seen some alarming reviews that can't be overlooked with there raws have some heavy metals and arsinic in there Raws. I don't know the OP well . But sounds like there testing source had a lil confidents . And I just don't want to play around with that . Even if it's just smoke blown up there ass. There were more than one saying something about it. Which sucks because my friends and I have good things come from there Raws . So I was just going to let those bugs get worked out and wait till the dust settles and they get a different batch of materials in.
    If anyone has any imput . It would be much appreciated .
    Thanks ,
  2. AnTabolic73

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    If I was a betting man, if ppl has heavy metals in his raws, I'm betting hupharma(or any other Chinese raws provider) will have heavy metals.

    Pandas not a manufacturer, he just buys in bulk, probably directly from raw manufacturers.

    But that's just all speculation, I dont know anything about hupharma.
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  3. Mechanics

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    That has crossed my mind more than once .
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  4. TRT

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    That's exactly what he's doing.
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  5. Pokey

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    Did you evr go with hupharma
  6. master.on

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    Every single UG source is a reseller.
    No manufacturer ever sells directly to the black market as it's a multimillion dollar investment at risk.

    Only testing can tell how pure their gear is, and if contains heavy metals.
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  7. GeCeTE

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    I have tried their viagra,cialis and letro and for aperson who uses RX and liquid of both I can tell u that their tabs ( at least the cialis viagra and letrozole) are 100% bunk

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  8. Beastman

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    brewing up some Sust from them in a bit. Hope it's legit.
  9. GeCeTE

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    anybody interested in that viagra and cialis, I ll send it to u for free...test it do whatever u d like with it....
  10. Kingsmountain

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    I don't know about their finished tabs but I can say the Tadalifil raws I bought from them a few months ago were good.

    HOWEVER, the sildenafil raws I purchased from them did not work at all.

    I sent the Sildenafil Raw out to Weights & Measures and it came back as Sildenafil BASE when it should have been Sildenafil CITRATE. That's why it didn't work. The base has to be converted to citrate before it's considered "viagra".

    That might be why your finished tabs where "bunk". Maybe they used their own bad raws to make their own tabs?

    I lost $300 bucks on that deal , chalked it up to experience and just quit using hupharma at all.
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  11. Villain

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    I was told from a very reliable source that because the manufacturing of viagra is banned in China, any Viagra coming out of there is bunk. I asked Panda where his is sourced from and was told India. Don’t waste your money on Chinese Viagra.

    SymBiotics was supposed to get Levitra and was sent Viagra instead and it tested at 48% pure.
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    I've only bought cialis from a source in China and it was complete crap. How do I know it was crap? Easy, I took it :) I also have the real pharma and know what it does. This other crap did nothing.
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  13. Villain

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    I’ve used Cialis from China (UGL) where the raws tested pure and I’ve been unimpressed with it. I’ve heard others say the same and they say nothing compares to real Cialis.
  14. mancal70

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    I'm curious if it's the same with Var. Had Var tested and came back at 98% purity, but my bro took it and was unimpressed. And he is an experienced Var user, for skin issues. I haven't tried it yet, but wonder.
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  15. Villain

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    Almost makes you wonder where the standard came from to set the bar for purity. I’ve heard of UGL not comparing to pharma. Then again, when was the last time anyone actually had pharma Var?
  16. mancal70

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    On YouTube, one of the roid docs talks about his involvement in bodybuilding back in the 80s. He mentioned dudes were taking 2.5mg to 5mg per day. In the same conversation, he mentions Franco (not sure if that was his dose). So either Var was way better, or it wasn't a big part of those guys protocol.

    My bro has been taking it for years due to a skin problem he has, and he used to take 5 mg. Today, he has to take 40mg to get a similar result. Not sure if it's his age, or just shot quality nowadays.
  17. Villain

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    The good thing is that readily available testing is here but someone else made the comment about how we really don’t know what the olds schoolers were taking for sure. They could have said they were only taking 2.5-5 mg/day and they could’ve been eating them up like candy. Of course your brother is a real life example, so who really knows? @janoshik can you answer anything about the reference standards and where the samples came from to determine what is pure?
  18. janoshik

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    Not sure what exactly you asking, could you please elaborate?
  19. Villain

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    Let’s take Var for example. Since people are talking about Var from 20 or even 10 years ago being stronger or seemingly stronger yet UGL Var is testing pure, where did the reference standard come from that new samples are tested against? Does that make sense? Hard to put it into words. Why would Var today that tests pure seem weaker?
  20. janoshik

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    In my mostly second hand experience due to my age - because people are full of shit and because they had no idea what they were taking.

    1) of course that 20 mg var gonna feel strong when it's 34 mg or any other random number of winnie. Because that's how it was oft just 10 years ago.

    2) lots of guys swear they took 200 test and 5 mg dbol twice their life and got to 250 lbs lean. It's just another level of 'instagram natties' but they don't want to get approval of the same crowd, so they admit to ... Some
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