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  1. I have a colleague who is exploring whether people who use oral AAS only are getting enough support as most support is through needle exchanges etc. If you are oral only can you please comment or message me?
  2. Support through needle exchanges?
    What does this even mean?
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  3. Not sure i really understand the question. Support through the needle exchange meaning free supplies, like alcohol pads and syringes?

    How would an exchange for oral users give support? Bottled water and TUDCA maybe?
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    The TUDCA adds up after awhile, Bro.

    I'd take it.
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    Irritatingly opaque or senseless.
  6. We are AAS users, not heroine addicts.
    Furthermore, Oral only cycles are typically crayon eaters, so they may have problems responding to your message.
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    Boy oh boy
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  8. That's what it sounded like to me.
    Like we're drug addicts sharing needles lol
  9. Oral only cycles are more dangerous than injectable cycles. There is science to it. This isn't my opinion.
    Check out More Plates More Dates latest video about oral only cycles. He really breaks it down well.
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    This was truly awesome.
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    Wtf r u fucking talking about. Oral only is the 16 year old or the dude scared of needles u clearly have no idea what kinda people ur dealing with

    Go ahead n wrote on ur notepad how I snapped back at u becaus of aas. Btw I’m off cycle right now too

    Needle exchanges? The fuck. Ya. Amazon is a great needle exchange $15 for 100 used ones! Fuckin needle exchange Jesus...
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    Why would people who only use orals need to use a needle exchange?

    Or are you wondering if people go oral'only due to a lack of access to syringes?

    Mostly, people go oral-only due to being crayon-eaters, as already stated.
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  13. From what I gather in the UK (where this colleague is from) there is some (limited) support for AAS users provided by staff at needle exchanges and they're concerned that they are missing out on providing support for those who use orals only
  14. I think in the UK they provide some info (e.g. from llewellyn) blood testing, that kind of thing. Limited support but some. They want to know what support they could provide people who use orals only and how they would access them
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  15. Sorry, I was in a rush and should have worded the question more carefully. Hopefully my other replies have clarified a little
  16. I know but harm reduction services started with psychoactive drugs so they follow the same strategies, like using needle exchanges to provide info and support. I have published a paper on the inappropriateness of using the same strategies for aas users The unintended consequences of emphasising blood-borne virus in research on, and services for, people who inject image and performance enhancing drugs: A commentary based on enhanced bodybuilder perspectives - ScienceDirect
  17. Thanks heaps. Yes I was expecting that many people would be against oral only cycles and it seems they are
  18. Thanks, I was expecting to find out some things about attitudes to oral only and it seems that they are what I expected (and not without good reason). I think basing support in needle exchanges is very flawed as it misses a lot of people, but I think more aas users use exchanges in the UK because of the legality of use (and the colleague im asking for is from the UK)
  19. Sorry I have worded my question badly. My colleague is wondering if people using oral only get enough support because the only support that is provided to aas users is through needle exchanges which the oral only guys obviously don't use