Anyone used AAS to try to and recover lost weight from psychoactive drug use?

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  1. As usual I am doing research and thinking through all things AAS and other enhancement drugs.
    This time I'm interested in the fact that some people use AAS to try and counter the physical effects of psychoactive drugs like meth and heroin on their bodies (e.g. weight loss, muscle loss). Anyone here fit into that group? PM me if you prefer
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    Are you asking if people currently using drugs using steroids to gain or preserve mess? Or taking aas after stopping drug use?
  3. either or, interested in both
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    People who bang heroin dont give a fuck about losing weight. They dont care about their health. They will use the water out a dirty toilet to shoot with, lol.
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    I know a lot of guys pickup bodybuilding after using and it helps with recovery. But using while shooting dope, I dont think your going to get any feedback on that one besides negative.

    I'm not your father so I'll spare you the lecture but I strongly disagree with using. It's just counter productive and self destructive.
  7. Perrin Aybara

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    The gear isn't gonna help keep weight on when you're too dope sick to eat or too high on meth to care about eating.
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    After a bulk I cut with meth.
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    I was surprised at the number of former users when I first started posting here.
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    OP, there'a a thread on here about addicts, I'm too lazy to search for, pretty long, you may find some interesting things in there...or some member names you could PM and ask.
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    Maybe I was just a completely nonfunctional addict, but I just can't imagine being balls deep in heroin or meth addiction and still giving enough of a fuck about my physique to waste potential drug money on gear.
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    Nobody was about to put a damn thing in me to possibly fuck up my high!
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    ^^^ this
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    @TorroXL might be the guy, if there ever was one
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  15. That's funny, i used to be a heroin addict myself
  16. Yeah a lot of people seem to find it helps with recovery and I have spoken to quite a few of these (always interested in hearing from more though). There do seem to be at least some that use AAS at the same time as other drugs, not sure how common it is. I can tell you that when I was an addict I didn't have money to spare on anything else, nor any fucks to give about my weight
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  18. really, or are you trolling me? I have heard it is very effective