Anyone used goldtropin HGH?

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  1. i love gh but man i hate the fking water i retain on it, so sad
  2. Boss Brady 12

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    Good for you that you received ya order keytech got like 6 of us waiting 2 months for our orders and I def will be ordering from opti next time. keytech customer service is worse than TPs!! At least TP would hook you up for waiting!
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  3. jJjburton

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    GH really did nothing for me kind of sucked.
  4. Boss Brady 12

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    How long you run hgh for and just generics?
  5. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    maybe it wasnt HGH... where did it come from?
  6. jJjburton

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    One Q.
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  7. nidnoy

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    Just saw supposedly key has hgh in local warehouse now. Hopefully that means guys waiting get taken care of. Would like to see more recent testing on it. The last posted tests were a while ago and enough has been bought that I am pretty sure what is being sold now is probably not that batch.

    what seems odd to me is that even though it seems a lot of people buy it there is relatively little feedback that I can find, although I don’t look at eroids and I know they are big over there.
  8. Boss Brady 12

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    The golds havent been out that long is why there isnt a ton of feedback.His domestic stock means nothing with the 6 guys waiting for a lot of kits.He says that new batches are 12 plus IUs without testing them and after talking to him I highly doubt it guy doesnt seem very trustworthy honestly calling me names cause I wanted to know where reship was after 2.5 months of waiting!
  9. hghlover

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    I never ventured outside TP for generics and prolly never will...

    Meditrope have done the job for me :D
  10. nidnoy

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    that is another thing that gives me pause with those. I have not heard great things about customer service and long waits is a consistent theme.
  11. Boss Brady 12

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    I used TP for years but just got sick of stock issues but def better customer service than keytechwhich trlls you how bad keytech is .Im using opti next forsure and would def tell everyone not to use keytech no matter the prices not worth the headache and excuses he is throwing out!
  12. Demondosage

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    So far so good, these fuckers seem strong, I like so far!!
  13. ECinfidel

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    I ran bloods on them. Posted at eroids recently. You're right though. Not a lot of blood work out there. Problem is, people are assuming they're "fire" because of the sides. Which is nonsense. They tested at .436 dimmer. That's crazy high. Hence the brutal sides. I stopped running them on their own because I couldn't even sleep. The cts was downright painful. I've been mixing them w/greytops from TP just to take the edge off .
  14. hghlover

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    I only ever had issues with him during corona, but I have heard from others that he can sometimes be REALLY slow

    His prices are just unbeatable

    Edit: looking at keytech prices for goldtops, they are actually similar to TP. Sucks about the sides tho.

    Meditrope never gave med that bad water retention. But when i switched to his orange tops i felt it the next day in my ankles. Nothing crazy, but a little bit (sorry for going off topic hah)
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  15. kilsong

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    He was border line nasty to me after I asked a simple question.
    Apparently others have noticed it as well on Eroids:

    the packaging only serves to create your own brand, but it doesn't exist in the world a generic with 99.5% purity, stick it in that your head! it's a pharmagrade!!!

    I know what the packaging is for my man. I happen to think yours is pretty sharp in fact. But you're selling repackaged generics. That's just a fact.
    To be fair, I pulled decent igf-1 numbers on your stuff. Your hgh isn't bad and I had a good experience dealing w/you. But the sides were brutal. Downright painful at times. I'm not aware of any "pharmagrade" w/.430 dimmer content either.
    Also, here's some advice- try to be a little less defensive. Nobody likes a Richard.

  16. jimjarue

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    Opti domestic TA was 48 hours from time I placed order. Waiting two months is BS. I’ll never place another order through this guy.
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  17. ECinfidel

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    Yep. And I'm not the 1st person to point out his attitude. You'd think a guy who was selling dangerously overdosed test and straight up bunk viagra would exercise a touch more humility.
    Generally the sources that are chill and actually on the level tend to do better on the boards. Its not that complicated.
  18. little

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    Dangerously overdosed?
  19. ECinfidel

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    If I recall, it was test E250 that tested out at over 350. Thats a bit much.
  20. Frankdoz

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