Anyone used goldtropin HGH?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Demondosage, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. rfan2020

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    I see alot say TP has a long TA time, is that local or ordering from a far?

    Also, the golds, are these relatively new to the scene? Are people getting GH serum or IGF tests done?
  2. Demondosage

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    Update; water retention is bad these past few days. My ankles and shins are swollen with fluid, typically happens to me the first 6 wks or so. Dropping dosage back down a cpl units a day
  3. ECinfidel

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    I ordered domestic from TP a few weeks back and had my greys w/in 1 calendar week.
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  4. thehogsters

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    I used 3 or 4 kits before running out and going back to TP blacks. I didn't notice any cuts or water retention. Nothing like those dreadfull orange tops.
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  5. Is there a solution for that? What do u think is causing it is it the dimmer???
  6. Demondosage

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    It's common with almost all HGH, I shot 7iu a few days ago and next day my ankles were like what the fuck!!! On the flipside it's working very well for my tricep tendon recovery (surgery last summer and still not 100%)

    I'm going to have to go back down to about 3-4iu a day when I resume in a cpl more days. 7 is too damn much!! Last generics I ran were kigtropins and these golds are much stronger, no doubt
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  7. mands

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    Have you gotten igf-1 levels checked yet @Demondosage?

  8. Demondosage

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    Not yet, only reason why is because I just wanna include that with normal labs to save a trip/ convenience and insurance issues. It's coming up though and I'm gonna include that in the lab. I'll post the results
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  9. Boss Brady 12

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    ya guy is a total dick and Im tell everyone not to order from him but guys are finally getting packs after 2 months but mine still hasnt moved and I ordered before all of them who have received packs already.Waiting 3 months for a pack is a joke and dont care the price of the kits I wont use this clown again.He blamed trump usps and covid but ive received other int packs since ordering from him and his shipping aint cheap think 70-90 a pack!Ya he has the worst customer service for sure!!
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  10. I see, i wanted to get pharma saizen in order to compare, but if its a general problem, then theres no point, could u check my thread i followed ur pre ww slin/gh prot, but had few questions regarding gh timing and dosing
  11. kilsong

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    70-90$ a pack..that is the highest shipping I've ever even HEARD of. That's insanity.
    What excuse is he giving you about your pack other than Covid?
  12. Demondosage

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    So took past 3 days off any HGH injects, the water retention on my ankles/top of my feet got pretty bad. I took 7iu the other day, big mistake, too high too quick. Called up a buddy and asked him abt it, he said "I think you seriously underestimated the potency of this one" , I should have known better. With HGH it's like everything you did the week prior is what you'll experience the next week. I was going 5 units a day for abt a week, then one day got stupid and took it to 7iu. Then all of a sudden it was like WTF!!!!
  13. Boss Brady 12

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    So his kits are 60-80 each depending on how many you buy and think thats why he raised his shipping prices but ive been waiting over 2.5 months and supposedly he reshipped mine so we will see.I ordered before everyone waiting but most guys received reships this week except two of us thats a good sign I guess.Im not using him again just for way he handled it.
  14. Boss Brady 12

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    Kits finally landed but def wont use keytech again after the BS he put us through not worth it!Im still down to help pay towards testing a vial of these golds though.
  15. Trenbolona

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    So I don't know if my gold tops are the same as these but I got em from a source on SST and had serum levels test at 38. IGF was just normal though at 62 so take that for what it's worth. No baseline to compare.
  16. Demondosage

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    Which country are you in? Only reason I'm asking is because in the states wouldn't 62 on an igf fall in low range?
  17. Logan44551

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    That's way low, like less than most baseline
  18. Demondosage

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    Im going to resume my golds tomorrow after breaking from them for about 5 days from that damn fluid retention. 2iu a day, 5 days on and 2 off. If one positive so far it's my past aches and injuries improving rapidly. I did lying French presses today which is a giant step for me just to be able to do with around 65 lbs. This movement was impossible without excruciating pain for the course of the better part of adventure year!! Presses going up in weight again and incorporating freeweight moves lately that I hadn't been able to do in well over a year due to a severe partial tear and eventually full tendon detachment. I feel good, even if it's light weight the fact I'm doing the movement again gives me hope on a better recovery than I originally thought
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  19. Trenbolona

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    I am in the US, I was just going by the quest lab report saying normal range was 55-331?

    I am also on ralox and arimidex, and also taking tren. Not sure how those affect IGF levels?
  20. Boss Brady 12

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    those will def affect igf numbers but thats still terrible igf and stuff like this makes me not run generics anymore.i doubt they are same exact golds but still I would drop tren and AI and test again if you can!
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