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  1. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    Can anyone help me with Winny???
  2. Scooby67

    Scooby67 Junior Member

    Fred Savage's girlfriend from The Wonder Years?? What type of Winny help do you need? You have to be more specific, my friend.
  3. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    Winstrol injectable,,from what i undrstand they only come in 10cc vials if im wrong a 30 cc vial would be better.
  4. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    oh im sorry bro,,, im looking to acquire some.. Am i allowed to say that? if not i apologize and delete my post but im looking for a good source...
  5. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    It's not prohibited. But also not an advisable approach as it is an open invitation for spammers to fill your PM box.
  6. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    I agree!!! So lets circumevent that issue and send me a PM or email me at
    now im gonna go out on a limb here and say useing my email address with my name in it is uhhhh STUPID. anyway contact me... No Scumbags please......
  7. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    Yepper posting a hyperlink was a stupid thing to do and against the rules. Please forgive me im at work and multitasking....
  8. bodymassmaster

    bodymassmaster Junior Member

    hello friend wanted to lend my opinion inregards to ur question winny is a bad drug but it certainly isnt a good one either i would advise stayn away from the injectable version as it is th culprit to many infections plus water based compounds ingeneral build up more scar tissue than oil based injections the oral version would be a better choice how ever there are far better alternatives that are a bit less toxic. ex. primo ace. in conclusion through as i tell everyone yhou should avoid orals at all cost!!! Hope this helps

  9. ShkDwnNJ

    ShkDwnNJ Junior Member

    I appreciate the advice. i have used winstrol many times over the years and am fully aware of the pros & cons. I love winstrol. i am just having a problem getting my hands on some at the present time... Isz there anyone that could lead me in the right direction or help me out??
  10. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Keep searching Meso forums since it's the most reliable means of locating a quality source.