Apotheka Bayer Rimobolan 100mg/ml amps

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    I sent @Apotheka rimobolan to @Weights & Measures and am pleased with both the product and lab service itself.

    For those who can’t see the pic it tested as 110mg/ml.

    Big thank you to @24hreup-rep for paying half of the lab testing fee.
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    Thanks for the effort....BUT...

    Did you send the actual ampule or as an unmarked sample

    My experience with labs using GC/MS:

    Identify and purity of an API - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (powder/raw) ONLY....

    Tablets and finished oils were never quantified correctly using GC/MS

    Example: 100 mg Bayer (110 mg):(


    For quantifying tablets and finished oils (formulated)

    It would be best to send 2 unmarked samples (one sample being a known or control sample) if using this testing method to quantity and check their accuracy

    This Assay/GC/MS result looks more like SteroidCheck....and

    Their quantitative results for formulated or finished products (tablets/oils) were never accurate unfortunately (mg-mg/mL)
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    He sent it unmarked
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    Nice.....thanks :)
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    Yet more and more made up BS
    These "reports" mean nothing and are probably made up.

    1 You don't identify any compounds in GC-MS using its retention time alone.
    That's the whole purpose of MS to break up compounds into smaller fragments yielding a (virtually) unique m/z chart for each compound.
    Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry - Wikipedia
    No m/z chart or library match report was shown.

    2 GC-MS ain't very good at quantifying. That's why HPLC should be used.

    3 No indication on how they calibrated GC-MS for quantifying, or what peak they used for that.
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    How about you go buy an testing rig and do this stuff yourself
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    There's no money to be made in steroid testing as @Dr JIM cleverly pointed out

    and its illegal in the States
    also, uncle Sam harasses testing labs abroad, even if gear is legal there. Just look at Simec, it stopped receiving samples mailed from outside Europe.
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    It would be nice to see more info like this:

    1BE49A32-2DC7-4641-AAC9-1C4328FA1FCE.jpeg 4C3AB414-05E4-4FB0-8400-F83DF248CBAB.jpeg A92524D0-DBA8-4178-8745-9D733B4B353E.jpeg

    (Library Match/ DataBase Standard)
    Test Propionate / Benzyl Benzoate

    But again, this is just to identify and not quantify (mg/mL)

    I honestly don’t know enough about testing methods

    Only my experience with using labs abroad and US Toxicology Labs

    GC/MS quantitative results (mg/mL) were never accurate with finished products Vs HPLC / LC/MS/MS (identify-quantify)

    For raws is was fine (identify - purity)

    I do appreciate the testing tho :)

    THX @JackSmooth

    I’d just like to see more results for finished oils
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    Than go away, you're not helping
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    Helping what?
    Helping scammers and liars get away with it?
    Then no, I'm not helping.
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  13. He seems to be helping. He told exactly what should have been done to get the real results in his reply here: