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    Hello Meso users,

    We are running a small UGL operation based in Italy, we brew and sell only our own products (with the exception of a few pharma products)

    Quality standard and safety

    Our lab while not of professional grade offer high standard of quality and sterility, I’ll elaborate more showing you our process of API quality control, lab sterilization and brewing process.

    Raw Testing

    1 (20).jpg test-e-1-776x1024.jpg eq1-776x1024.jpg DECA1-776x1024.jpg

    We test all our API with the melting point test using a thiele tube and a digital microscope, we got lab test for some of our products, and we are planning to get other products lab tested.

    And here are some blood-work tests from our customers:
    test.jpg test-logo-1.jpg test-500-logo-928x1024.jpg

    Our lab

    An enclosed, non shared, sanitized room guarantees a clean space.
    An internal air recirculator equipped with an ULPA filter recycle the entire room’s air 30 times/hour.
    As you can see from the pics the lab is inside a mylar grow tent, this is because it makes much easier to keep the space dust-proof and sterile, and leave us the freedom to relocate quickly from the space we are renting.

    1 (1).jpg 1 (18).jpg 1 (32).jpg

    Both for their safety and to avoid contamination, the operators employ the use of the standard laboratory safety equipment

    Sanitation & Sterilization

    1 (3).jpg 1 (23).jpg 1 (26).jpg
    • The Lab Floor, Worktables and not movable Machines are sanitized with bleach and alcohol 52%.
    • The autoclavable Tools, Vials, and all the Glassware are sterilized before use using moist heat sterilization through an high pressure steam autoclave.
    • The non autoclavable Tools and Items are bathed in 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dried in a convention oven.

    Injectables manufacture process

    1 (15).jpg 1 (12).jpg 1 (6).jpg

    Through the use of a Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate the compounds are mixed and dissolved , the hotplate’s accurate heat management allow for ideal temperature control to let the compound mix at best without reaching too high degradation temperatures.

    To follow, the sterile filtration phase consist on channeling the mixed compounds through a 0.2μm high quality (usually either MilliporeSigma Steripak or Whatman Polycap) filter with the use of a Peristaltic pump

    The sterilized product is then dispensed to the sterilized vials through the use of a dispenser (we are currently using a Hirschmann Ceramus) which guarantee precise and constant filling quantities while keeping the product sterilized

    Orals manufacture process

    1 (9).jpg 1 (29).jpg

    The API, and excipients are measured in an analytical digital balance and then triturated and compounded in a mortar. Geometric Dilution with tracer dye technique is used to assure accurate homogeneity of the active ingredient.

    The resulting compound is then feeded to our tablet pressing machine and afterward transferred to the final sealable bottle. (note: Now temporarily using capsules since we recently had problems with the tablet machine and waiting to upgrade it)

    OPSEC & Privacy

    While in EU this is of minor importance for our and yours safety our website and contacts are managed through dedicated devices running on Tails and LineageOS, encrypted email service is used and regular data wipes guarantee extra security

    Our website collect only strictly necessary cookies for authentication and basic website functioning, we Anonymize IP addresses so your full IP address is never tracked and a cron job purge any data older than 60 days. We do not use google analytics or google fonts.

    Bitcoin payments go through our own self-hosted bitcoin server, which eliminates the involvement of a third-party and increases privacy and security.


    We only accept Bitcoin payments


    We only ship to Europe Domestic at a flat rate of 15€


    You can check our products and prices at
    For any info contact us at
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    Here's the juicy stuff

    ALIM3338-studiocr.jpg ALIM3345-studio.jpg ALIM3346-studio.jpg ALIM3354.JPG ALIM3357.JPG ALIM3358.JPG ALIM3363.JPG
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    First? --- Me?
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    That's a well written introduction with few spelling mistakes, so good job on that! Your website could be improved a lot by adding product pictures and cutting the categories from the drop-down menu that don't yet contain any products, as that was a bit frustrating while browsing; plus various changes to make browsing easier/more fluent but it's fine overall.

    Prices are a bit above EU market but it seems like you're aiming for that subset of the user/customerbase so that's fine.
  5. @Toni72 New EU lab here. When you beg them for free gear, try using the line that your wife is sick and your dog ran away. Guilt them into giving you freebies. i think it'll work.
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    Thanks for the feedback man, will work on that asap
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    Prefer to use some well known brands dont like to take risk with garage grade UG labs.
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    everything is in order at first sight, it looks like a well organized kitchen!
    have you been on the market for a long time? I have never heard of you in Italy
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    We have been online for just about one year, before that we were supplying a local gym, never been a huge business, just a couple friends pissed by all the problems to find a decent source that lasted for more than six months.

    It's ok man, totally understandable, maybe you can check on us later as we further prove the quality of our products.
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    If u have on stock some well known brands this can be interesting i m also based in EU.
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    Currently we don't plan on reselling other brands, with the exception of pharma products and maybe some peptides, but I'll keep you posted if things change.
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    Looks like someone did a little research on Intros before posting...good job....there has been some absolute shit as of late.
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    Maybe it's because this might be another handle of some other "source" that breezed thru here before.
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    Good luck with the Italian laws mates
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    Without me you would be dead, do you have anything else to say? Since you tried sodomy with your friends, your anus is repaired? Advice, stop the tren, anus and trenbolone = emoroids = no sodomy = you're not happy! I love you brother, I accept you
  16. TidyFriendlyAvocet-size_restricted.gif
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    Sure we've seen how you roast UGLs that post without a minimum of knowledge and effort in showing their sterilization processes, products testing, stock photos etc.

    Had some good fun (and learned a lot) reading other threads.

    I can assure you this is not the case, just did some homework, but I understand my word means nothing.
    You can check on a couple facts though

    Photos of our lab and equipment are 100% previously unseen, if a lab rebrand you could recognize their equipment unless they change everything just for that.

    We are based in Italy, not sure how many UGLs there are here, but not many, so you'd probably recognize similarities.
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    Feel free to use the coupon code “MESO20” during the checkout to get a 20% discount on all our products (for a limited time, HGH, hcg, peptides excluded), no minimum order required.
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    I am Italian Sicily, so I trust arcadia. Welcome, show proof of your installations, lab and customer results, your return policy, a promo code for the first 10 customers for example. Me I need nothing I have a stock for 10 years of testo and other. I hope you will succeed here, Viva italia Viva usa
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    I really dont like the decline of meso right now the last couple of sources just show up no boobs on the table how am i supposed to trust without boobage
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