Are cycles longer than 6 weeks a waste?

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Dthcore, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Dthcore

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    Just watched this vid. What do you guys make of the information? What are your personal thoeries?

  2. jJjburton

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    Do you still gain after 6 weeks?

    i most certainly do.

    it seems like every time i see a post about this, it goes.

    Are cycles more then 8 week cycles good? Is longer then 6 week cycles a waster? Soon people are going to feel 2 weeks cycles are good enough lol.

    When in reality the people preaching these odd cycles are the ones doing normal cycles and making shit up.
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  3. Demondosage

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    I think the opposite, cycles UNDER 6 weeks are a waste
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  4. palebear

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    Interesting, I always thought it was placebo, but I've recently experienced that I made progress in the first 5 weeks, then the gains have stalled until 7-8 weeks, after that it hit me again like a mofo.
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  5. Demondosage

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    Depends on the drug and experience level, growth and genetic potential. Certain drugs like eq, primo, deca really don't start to take off for me until 8+ wks. Not saying it's a waste to only use for 8 wks, but I really notice the physical changes 8 wks and beyond. Now strength wise you are probably correct
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  6. Rosconow

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    I think an eight week cycle is a waste.... 10,12, 14, 16 weeks, ramping up the whole time. That's the ticket.
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  7. Blange89

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    I agree, that's the way to do it
  8. I ran 10 and 12 week cycles for almost a decade and have since switched to 6 to 8 week cycles and I mean it when I say it that I will never go back to long ester cycles of 10 weeks or more.

    The shorter cycles are so much more fun to me. They come in quick and I smash shit for 8 weeks and make gains from the end of the first week until the last pin. No more waiting around for over a month or two depending on the compound. I get to run more of these per years sticking to the time on time off theory. And last but not least I definitely feel like the short esters pack more punch than the long esters, I put on way more quality lean muscle running test prop than I do with enanthate or cypionate.
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  9. Dthcore

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    What do you run the prop at bro?
  10. Last cycle I ran it at 350mg per week but this time it's just 400mg per week injecting 100mg 4× a week with my tren ace.
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  11. Dthcore

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    How’s the pip on prop? Haven’t taken it before!
  12. I stayed away from it for many years due to the pip war stories but honestly I dont think it's any worse than NPP or tren ace at least for me anyways. Everyone is different because for me I get the most excruciating pip from test enanthate and absolutely nothing from cypionate
  13. Blange89

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    I agree that short cycles are more focused, however I prefer longer titratated cycles for the training time. I start half my total dose and bump up every 5 weeks with long esters. Keeps me focused and growing
  14. Boss hog

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    Test P knots me up pretty good but when I tried TPP it's way better, I don't get all knotted up from it at all and kicks in pretty fast for short blast.
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  15. I've wanted to get ahold of TPP for a while but none of the sources I had dealt with carried it. It's a wonder its not more popular than prop cause on paper it seems like a sure shot winner to me.
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  16. Boss hog

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    I agree its not very popular but Definitely worth trying. I don't think you would be disappointed with it once you try it.

    I also tried a blend of TIPP and that one was good also but at the end of the day test is test.
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