Are deadlifts making my ass grows too fast

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Dave, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Dave

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    Hi due to a knee injury I am currenly not training legs. I have started doing deads again and my ass and upper thighs are growing so fast, that I struggle to fit in my jeans. I have put on about 14lbs in 4 months but worried that most is going to my ass and thighs. Seeing gains in other places too. Not on a cyle yet just creatine.

    Is this a result of deadlifts?
  2. Millard Baker

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    Yes. Is that bad? More muscle is the goal. It's not like it's giving you a fat ass

    FYI, doing deadlifts IS training legs. It's the best leg exercise next to squats.
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  3. If it bothers you you can always reduce your volume/work-load for your lower body. I personally wouldn't do that though, if your lower body is growing that fast you are obviously doing something right.

    FWIW I would rather have an over-developed lower body than an under-developed/average lower body...I'm sure many people here would agree with this sentiment as well.
  4. Dave

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    Thanks guys I shall keep deadlifting then it has now become my fav exercise.
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  5. Millard Baker

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    Just think if Tom Platz cut out the squats and deads to keep his legs from becoming overdeveloped. He would have been remembered as the classic bodybuilder who... Oh wait - no one would have remembered him if it weren't for those legs.

    @Dave if your legs are super-responsive to the effects of training and you love deadlifts, I'd say just go with it! Things you'll never hear in the gym - "he does too many deadlifts"
  6. Yup, agreed. Anyone who has spent a large amount of time working on their physique can appreciate a well developed lower body. Not to mention the overall performance/athletic benefits of having a strong lower body.

    I think the following picture illustrates that point nicely:

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  7. Dave

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    Thanks alot guys...very much appreciated.

    BIGMESC Member

    @Dave if that ass and legs are growing keep doing whatever your doing.
    Get them and keep them, rebuilding them when you are older is rough.

    Plus you mde my morning, I have a new line for the misses
    "Honey do these deadlifts make my ass look big?"
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  9. Dave

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  10. msmith22

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    They do make bigger pants in the legs for guys like us, before my surgery , I couldn't wear anything but cargo pants and a special brand from the buckle , but I love when my legs grow like that , I love squats and deads.

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  11. dper726

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    squats is a hell of a great leg exercise, nothing makes my legs grows like them and leg press. But if there is downfall to squatting at least for me is it given me a kim k booty. And I don't say that proudly. Atleast women love guys with ass next to a ....
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  12. kaoticsolja

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    Lol I'm actually wanting this... I dead 405 at 165 and my ass is still not growing... So ur lucky

    Eat. Lift. Sleep. Repeat.

  13. No! Absolutely not!

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