Are packages from China extremely suspicious now that most China factories are closed? Coronavirus

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by master.on, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. master.on

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    Many ships are said to be skipping Chinese ports altogether or leaving only 10-20% full?
    Not only Chinese packages look suspicious, they have more time to inspect them since fewer are coming.
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  2. TRT@40

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    Another reason to stay domestic then
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  3. ickyrica

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    Probably your most accurate conspiracy theory to date
  4. EazyE

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    Eventually this coronavirus situation will dissipate and it will be business as usual.
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  5. Gbro

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    Where do you think the domestic suppliers get their stuff?
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  6. Villain

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    They will get Corona first then. Simples!
  7. zepp

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    It's a valid concern, we'll know if we start having more complaints of seized packs.

    I think most of the small packs come from small business in China, large industry might have taken a hit, but these small companies need to keep food on the table, they won't quit until they fall over dead.

    Customs works differently for large industry verses small pack delivery. One has a large shipping crate to inspect, the other is just some random small box or bags that are under 1 pound.
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  8. Savagesteve

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    I ordered some non gear related stuff (thought the company would’ve shipped domestic) and it hit the states from China in 2 days and tracking never showed it hitting customs at all?
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