Are raws from Poland and Austria better than raws from China?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Pericles, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Bodysynthetics claim that they are...or are they all the same basic material?
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    No one? Maybe I should ask in the brewing section.
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    Sorry, should have been more specific: I am talking about powder (raws) used to make gear.
  4. I think the answer depends on who's making the powder. It's my understanding that American and European pharmaceutical companies buy alot of their raw powder from China, but the powder is made to their specifications/quality in plants that specifically manufacture pharmaceutical powders. And of course, big pharm companies have the ability to test the product to ensure it meets their standards for purity. There are hundreds of chemical plants in China the CAN manufacture raw powders but because it's not the only product they make, the powders can have contaminants such as heavy metals, etc. I think (but don't know) most of the steroid powder available to us comes from these "other" chemical plants.

    Regarding Poland and Austria, I'm sure they have the ability to manufacture pharmaceutical grade powders, as well. Whether that's what you're getting is difficult to know. Hope this helps.
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    My "Spidey Sense" is saying that the company you mentioned and every other UGL uses raws from China.....I'm just saying. It's a nice little adverting gimmick, but it's not a new one. Others have claimed this in the past, specifically claiming raws from Russia. It simply wasn't true.
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    Poland and Russia don't have
    time to be making Raw AAS powder..
    They are too busy making and drinking Vodka..
    or Spirytus.. but that's not until they are at least 8yrs old

    Austria... I don't know what Austria makes..
    Terminators .. yea that's it
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    Interestingly, when the Founding Fathers were drawing up the Constitution, one of their main fears was that a recently deposed King from Austria could set up shop here in Amarica.

    That is why Presidents must be native born.

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    which we now call America ;)
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    No. No, No: Amarica is a US possession, located at the bottom of our planet.

    Its' name was a hybrid of of America and Antarctica.

    Let me know if you would like some more tutorials[:eek:)]
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    I had to Bing that, just to make sure :cool:

    My smilies are still not working...
    What the hell am I paying ... I don't pay anything..
    OK OK, point well taken
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    Are any raw sources from Austria or Poland ? At least to me seems strange cause in Austria the laws r pretty strict.
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    ALL raws come from China.
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  13. China or India... If they being shipped from eastern Europe the only reason you paying more is because they had to import it first;) To say it is impossible may be too harsh but you honestly talking 99% of the market being India and China and china making up 90 of that 99%!
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    I believe it is Watson/Pfizer, forget which bottle of Test Cyp I read the side of I had that shows it is made in Europe somewhere, I think Portugal.

    Surely it is all good though and meets standards, and most importantly, their powders are all from China. How else can you make 5000% markup on your drugs you make if you are paying US/European workers to make your powder at 20x the costs??