Are there any antidepressants with no effect on libido/sex function/ T levels?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Martin777, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Martin777 Junior Member

    I'm a 29 year old with low T, borderline hypertension (not treated yet, doc recommended lifestyle changes for the start) , ~ 45 lbs overweight, very sedentary lifestyle for past few years, poor diet (i try to change the last two things, but its going slowly) a personal life full of frustrations and no job right now.

    Obviously i suffer from at least a moderate ED, or even severe, dependent on circumstances.

    Not sure if its the low T causing it, or hypertension, poor blood circulation, or depression, probably all these things together.

    Anyway, I dont want to try viagra or cialis yet, neither do I want to start TRT at this age.
    I'm looking and hoping to battle this naturally, meaning exercise and lifestyle changes.
    However, as frustrated as I am, i find it hard to find motivation to engage in regular exercize because my mood every day is obviously quite bad.

    I am wondering, if antidepressants, taken for a few months could help me?
    I would prefer those which wouldnt cause bad withdrawal effects and even more those who wouldn't decrease my libido even more. Is that possible? Im not looking for long discussion and posting all my labs (which i dont have at this point yet), just an answer to the question.

    i am under the impression antidepressants wouldnt really help me, or would interfere with the sexual functions, thus making them useless for me, but I hope that I am wrong :)
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    KSUzachg Member

    Welbutrin works different from the ssri's. It works the blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine and Dopamine rather than serotonin. It can cause increased sexual desire and does not cause weight gain(sometimes weight loss). It is more of a pick me up rather than the usual effects of an ssri. From my personal experience ssri's cause a lot of fatigue/ weight gain. I have never tried a drug like welbutrin, but I have heard the good and bad from it. This is just off the top of my head, so please if anyone has anything to add please do.
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    chemman Member

    I reacted very poorly to wellbutrin. I generally detest the concept of antidepressants. My theory is that by balancing you biochemistry and feeling HEALTHY, your mood should lift.

    Chin up OP, things will get better.
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    KSUzachg Member

    I agree with Chemman's response
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    BBC3 Member

    If you got someone to ride right now, I agree, just try to take it easy and find something to make you happy in the meanwhile.

    But dont let it overwhelm you either. Even the best of us need a few months of help from time to time. Wellbutrin will probably aggrivate you now. Just stick with something like Paxil or Prozac if you want to ease the tension for a while. They are not that harsh, nor hard to quit. Dont listen to all the shit about Paxil. Its not that hard to quit at all. The buzz is actually kinda fun. As for the sexual disfunction. Usually the only associated with these is delayed ejaculation, and thats always a kick for guys to blast that CAT a bit longer. But it only last a month or two, and then back to normal:(. Some report long term inability to ejaculate, but I have never achieved it. I WISH!!

    If you ever see a shrink or a therapist, which may help, make sure they are good one. There are many YOUNG, IDIOTIC counselors out there not worth pissing on. Thats what you will get mainstream. Make sure a therapist has a PHD and life experience. Cant hurt. Just don't sit around and go nutty without doing something to cut the stress....

    FYI, there is no T reduction with the above listed drugs. Nor is there any disablement of the adrenal system so to speak. Heavier drugs like effexor, cymbalta, or seroquel may have these reactions that will shut your ass down energy wise. They make also encourage prolactin, progesterone type effects. Paxil and Prozac are fun babies....
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    dehook Junior Member

    BBC3: What you meant to say is that it didn't affect you badly. Truth is a lot of people were messed up after stopping Paxil (or Seroxat as it is known as here in the UK). I was one of them, but there are others a lot worse off. It did seem to help with my depression, but after stopping I started developing problems that were never there before - breathing problems, panic attacks,, withdrawal symptoms. It took me several years to recover from these. I don't blame Paxil use for my current situation, but I do regret taking it. From what I remember though there were no sexual side effects...

    I have heard good things from people regarding Remeron (Mirtazapine). I know two friends that are on it, and both sleep like babies and have no sexual sides. It did induce a sweet craving for one of them, but this went away after a few months.
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    Martin777 Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I might benefit from therapy to a certain extent perhaps, but Im a rather normal person, I just happen not to have a normal life recently ;) No job, poor social life, and yes, no woman now.

    Some additional anxiety which I believe comes from having hardly any positive things in life which then makes me exeggerate the bad things or the risks/bad thoughts/bad scenarios.. I had some benzos, when I had anxiety, I sometimes took a low dose (but definitely not every day, really, very ocassional), but thats not the long term solution.

    Im sure the anxiety is -as i said- the result of not ahving positive things. Basically I hardl have any area of life im satisfied with at this point. Anxiety is rare actually, every day is just sadness and frustration, and lack of energy.

    I had expetrienced ED several times, most of the times i wasnt able to have intercourse!, the last time i was able and i was so satisfied , but still the woman asked if im on drugs, because "its not hard" :drooling: I never have mornign wood anymore either. Measured T once, 11 am (a little late perhaps), was just under 300 ng/dl which is very bad for this age, from what im seeing.. Perhaps the ED comes also from the hypertension, circulation problems, which are the result of being overweight and hardly any exercise.

    Im frustarted with my current life in general, and the ED makes it impossible to get a woman., and knowing this only ads to the frustration.
    So heres the thing, i dont want cialis, viagra yet.
    I know proper diet and exercise and weight loss can get T up and help in ED wich comes from poor blood circulation (i once saw a study saying a daiily 2 miles walk helped significantly men with Ed). But right now its such a vicious circle that i simply find it hard to do this regular exercise, when my mood and energy levels are down overall.

    I believe TRT is rather a long term solutuion and Im not an advocate -based on what i read-on taking it lightly.

    Some doctor told me 1 year ago I might bring my blood pressure down with exerice/diet/weight loss alone and I just know it that it might be the same for low T, at least to some extent.

    This antidepressant idea was just a thought that it might help me really short term, i def. dont want to spend 3 years on them. EDI,T obviously it would make no sense if the antidepressant increased fatigue, had a side effect of gaining weight or increasing blod pressure either.. Ideally, it should just cause me to have better mood and perhaps fight this ocassional anxiety as well, then it'd be easier for me to solve the other problems on my own (both personal,as well as the general problem of being in bad physical shape) and then I would stop taking it.
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    BBC3 Member

    I have heard that. Its just that I know A ton of people that have taken Pax and Prozac and none of those issues. It could also be a simple progression of life stress once removed. Who knows, it could be a result of the drug. I have only become worse with age, but I never stopped to blame it on an SSRI, perhaps I should have been paying closer attention. I still personally believe its just the return to "normalcy" that is so traumatic and hard to take when people come off of these after long term use. I mean shit, who could deal with life after being sedated like that for so long. I am sure I would loose some wood too if I were on Prozac that long and had to face reality without it.:)

    Is just hard to justify many of the complaints and accusations, as few as they are, especially with no really proven documentation. Issues come in all flavors and progress natually with time.
    You have to remember, all the users of these drugs have issues regardless (myself included), and believe me life only gets harder. Personally, I look to find as many scapegoats to blame as possible. The fact that I could never really point a finger is pretty absolving for the drugs rep as far as I am conerned.

    The problems I was referring to were the bullshit lawsuits that started and still continue. They are primarily based on withdrawal. Its a complete crock of shit....

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    OhNoYo Member

    To the OP, you may want to give Trazadone a shot. It won't give you sexual side effects, b/c in reality it has been known to cause priapism, though this is rare. As for Wellbutrin, since you say you have been diagnosed w/ hypertension, I don't think that drug would be a suitable option for you, but its something you would need to discuss w/ your doctor. Good luck, Sir!
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    HeadDoc Psychologist; Super Moderator

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    Jeton Member

    not true. i was going to mention the priapism some get from trazodone, but some others get sexual dysfunction...u can't really tell who will get which effect b4hand.

    mirtazipine (remeron) would be a decent candidate lacking sexual side fx, n the appetite stimulation works well for AAS users, however it's also causes sleepiness in most users when dosed at 15mg or least temporarily. i still have a bunch of 7.5mg tablets cut into 4's, equaling 1.875mg.s per chunk. i only take them when i've gone several days without enuff sleep so i can crash, n i crash REAL hard.

    however, in doses 30ng/day n up, remeron is somewhat stimulating with regular sexual side fx.
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    BBC3 Member

    trazadone. Probably not a great idea. 50-150 mgs is a sleep dosage and used associated with drug/alcohol withdrawal. 4-600 mgs/day is the antidepressant dosage and discontiued due to poor success. All though I can personally say that I wonder if true. I seem to feel better when I use for sleep. Any dosage has this apparent risk for prispism, whick is a much worse situation than most realize. The anti-depressant size dose also happens to be associated with unexplained heart failure!!!. Moreso in seniors. I would also like to point out that there is some rarely publicised interaction with Prozac. I can rarely find articles documenting. Overall, It seems to do something to the circulatory system that is similar to viagra. I can testify that the first time I took it, I woke up with one of the fattest limp log cocks I have ever had. Like a freaking pornstar dangling.!!!:D

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    AlexanderDenmark Junior Member

    Stay well away from SSRI's and SNRI's. They can cause permanent sexual dysfunction.
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    CubbieBlue Member

    Very, very, very, very (very), rarely. All drugs carry a freaky rare side effect profile.
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    AlexanderDenmark Junior Member

    It's more common than you think. The yahoo group PSSD has 2335 members and I think there is in equal amount people at least who havn't bothered to join the group. From my own experience I wouldn't recommend SSRI's to anybody. They didn't help and destroyed whatever health and life quality I had. I'd recommend drugs like mirtazapine, agomelatine and lifestyle changes, CBT or identifying the habits that inforce negative thinking.

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