are there any bitcoin users here ?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by biga1987, Oct 13, 2016.

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  3. biga1987

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    so the majority still use wu and mg ?
  4. Mbell4377

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    Bitcoin is easy once you get used to it...
    I'm glad I jumped on board

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  5. Riprock713

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    Yes it's easier and actually cheaper too
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  6. XKawN

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    I use it. Is that all you wanted to know?
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  7. biga1987

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    well yes kinda a poll
  8. MythotiK

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    Yes, easy as hell
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  10. Eman

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    That subforum and PI's posts got me on the right track when setting up my bitcoin system.

    I'd never do it any other way.
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  11. pumpingiron22

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    whats Bitcoin?? ;)
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  12. monolith

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    Yes I've used it and did not like it. Maybe I don't fully understand how it works but I had a bad experience.

    I had an order for $324 USD so I went and purchased $324 USD worth of bitcoin. When I went to send that amount to the sellers wallet, the rate fluctuated and the same bitcoin amount I purchased was now worth only $284 USD. Can the rate change that much just within 10 minutes?
  13. XKawN

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    Did you use an bitcoin atm machine? They charge like 15%. Bitcoin can fluctuate, and rather rapidly, but that amount in that little time is kind of crazy.
  14. Kash89

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    when you purchased your 324, did you only put in 324? because there are fees and ive never seen it drop that fast personally made a couple dollars
  15. pumpingiron22

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    could likely be fee's for the coin sent and the block chain miners some but it would not be that much btc does not fluctate that much. can you give more deatil feel free to pm me if needed. Most likely human error
  16. puckhog

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    Fuck bitcoin, use circle app. Circle does not fluctuate with the invisible cryptocurrency market.
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    Circle is bitcoin.
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  19. puckhog

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    Yes circle is bitcoin but my post is still accurate.
  20. puckhog

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    And to be technical, circle is a wallet that holds bitcoin.....that still does not fluctuate like "bitcoins" do.