are there any bitcoin users here ?

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    They all monitor u... unless your using a tumbler (I think?)

    But who's to say who owns the wallet you transfer it to:)
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    some wallets services pay the miners higher fees so they can be first in line the more you pay the miners the faster you transaction will get to its destination.
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    1. best way to move Coin buy main wallet.
    2 set up block chain wallet over tor or electrum wallet set up on tor node. send coin to electrum or block chain no more than 500 at a time or you raise suspicion or just use your wallet alot I live off bitcoin thats attached to my cc. so i have lots of transactions.
    3 send coin to samurai wallet make sure tor mode is on. there is a coin mixer in the progarm mix coins send to destination.

    I use to provide a service here I would do it for people on meso. I might start that thread again.
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    Need to check into electrum.... block chain over Tor was not a good experience..... the first time wallet was created I could use it.... but if logged out trying to get back in was a NIGHTMARE.... just had to keep logging in until it finally accepted it.... there was supposed to be a work around by adding .onion to the end-- I think? .. but at time still was a pain in the ass... (I could log in from a non Tor browser)
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    Found this on reddit while researching/ obviously don't know how much weight this holds

    "Samourai is the most private and anonymous bitcoin wallet " is false.
    u/poop_wallet_narwhal253d, 18h

    First thing we see on the network when we open the app:

    DNS 75 Standard query 0xfae0 A

    Samourai Wallet not private, decentralized, or secure. The backend exclusively talks to's API, uses their websockets for real time notifications, and has no other communication with the Bitcoin network. Here's the function which is used to grab details about addresses in your wallet, which links every single one of them together as owned by one entity.

    public JSONObject getAddressInfo(String string2) {
    try {
    StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder("Bitcoin Block Explorer -");
    string2 = new JSONObject(WebUtil.getInstance(null).getURL(stringBuilder.toString()));
    return string2;
    catch (Exception var1_2) {
    return null;

    The most private wallet in the world is directly revealing your money and your transactions to a member of the Blockchain Alliance, a consortium of Bitcoin companies who have the goal of getting your information to law enforcement before they even think of requesting it.

    Did nobody else check this before buying into their story of being crusaders against the tyranny of terrible privacy? The binaries from the play store decompile just fine, you can verify this for yourself.
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    method 1. electrum is better as its on line and cold storage

    If you use the Tails OS, the builtin Electrum client is configured to run all transactions through Tor.

    Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere

    method 2. You can run Electrum on Windows, but if you don't configure it to run through Tor, all of your bitcoin addresses will be linked to your home IP address:

    Before starting this procedure, make sure that there are no bitcoins in your default wallet. We will delete the default wallet to remove any link to your IP address.

    To configure Electrum to use Tor, start the Tor Browser Bundle, then:

    Start Electrum.

    Do Tools > Network

    Make the following settings:

    Auto-connect: check mark

    Protocol: SSL

    Proxy: SOCKS5 localhost 9150

    You may need to shut down Electrum and start it back up to get it to connect with the new settings.

    Once you get the green indicator in the lower right hand corner, you must delete your default wallet. It has been already linked to your home IP address.

    Shutdown the Tor browser.

    On Electrum do File > Open.

    Right click on the "default_wallet" file and select Delete.

    Start the Tor browser back up.

    Create a new wallet (File > New/Restore) with a different name.

    Write down your seed words.

    Don't send any bitcoins to your new wallet until you make sure that you get the green indicator that you are connected. Make sure you write down your new seed words! If your hard drive crashes or something else goes wrong, it's the only way to recover your money. Send a small amount of bitcoin to your wallet at first, just to make sure everything is working.
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    hit me up by pm if you need help brother
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    Circle pay here
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    Just give it sometime, it'll take a while to get your limit raises etc..
    But if you plan ahead the limit doesn't even matter..

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    Want anonymity with btc? Easy. Just get a paper wallet from the machine and use it as many times as you want/need. Once disposed its gone forever. I will look into that circle thing. Super intriguing. I use an external wallet but when I purchase btc from vendors it costs 5% more than what is offered. And with btc in an external wallet its always subject to change with the market
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    What is the starting limit on a new account?
  12. Mbell4377

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    I believe 300 a week

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  13. Tom

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    BTCC is a Chinese Bitcoin website, which is used in China. There is no limit for an new account and online customer service is good. But, it will be verified by your ID, Picture or video. What else do you guys advise?

    The only suggestion for this thread is DO NOT LEAVE ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. In the past, the Japan Bitcoin company, who lead the bitcoin trade was bankrupted and lots of people lost so many money.
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    False you must know how to use the tools that are in the wallet its just like electrum. im on many btc fourms as well as have direct connect with the btc round table.
    as in anything if you dont know how to play you lose
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    If only it were that easy. It's never gone forever. The bitcoin addresses and transactions will stay recorded permanently on the blockchain stored indefinitely on millions of computers around the world. The whole world can see it - today, tomorrow, throughout any statute of limitations, and beyond.

    The challenge is to make sure it's not linked to you and bitcoin anonymity doesn't happen by destroying a piece of paper.
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    You don't need to understand how it works. Hardly anyone knows how the Internet works yet they have no problem using it. I think with any new technology, people tend to overthink and overcomplicate things.

    Anyone who's traveled outside the U.S. has likely had the experience of purchasing foreign currency at the destination airport. Buying BTC is pretty much the same thing as buying pesos, pounds, euros, etc. And just like buying any other currency, you need to know the market rates so you can determine how much you're being charged to buy BTC.

    The only relatively complicated part is trying to maintain privacy and anonymity. The truth is that most people don't care. Like the Internet, Bitcoin is insanely traceable. And if you're like the majority of people who don't bother to protect privacy/anonymity while browsing the Internet, then you probably don't really care about Bitcoin privacy either either. That makes using it really easy.

    However, if you're one of the few who uses VPNs and TOR when accessing the Internet, then you'll probably want to take extra steps when using BTC. This involves a learning curve...
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    Good info
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    So where are people migrating to now that Circle isn't in the BTC game anymore?
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    Good question, circle was so easy

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