Are these Seros real?

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    This is my 2nd month getting these Seros for $300 a kit. Friend says someone in his family has aids and they get more kits than they need.

    Can you guys help and see if yyou can tell if these are authentic? (The messed up areas of the box he says are the stickers placed by the pharmacy that he ripped off obviously to keep the persons info undisclosed)

    The stickers all have holograms on them as well and the old box I threw away you could see most of the sticker and name with pharmacy labeling, again though I can’t say for sure.

    DBA40EDD-65A4-43BD-AA02-A90A9F22CE23.jpeg 204E3446-9132-4555-AFF1-28413AD358F4.jpeg F7FD1554-E3E5-4604-958A-2606C59E7636.jpeg 51037CF0-0A50-47D6-A46B-533678EC2F4A.jpeg 1C1A13FB-3C29-4D4C-B089-2279CE416FF9.jpeg F6AE6CD7-AC8D-4ADC-95D9-6389BD77846A.jpeg 4FC57998-7B31-47F2-ABB4-D061041F619B.jpeg FD490DC6-3F8E-48D3-A5A0-DACABD04652F.jpeg 9A642A05-5A9D-4EC4-A346-361A2FAA4496.jpeg

    D29BA34B-1183-47DD-9495-C181E9D4F871.jpeg 552193E8-0872-4F0F-9340-589A759E2871.jpeg
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    They look legit. There is a script on the box that has been ripped off. It looks like the vial has the invisible M on the left side. The lot # and exp. date should be stamped into the vial, meaning you can feel that it is indented, not put on with the same print as the rest of the label. I've only seen the 6mg kits though, but they look legit. biggerben69 would know for sure.
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    Yeah he replied to another thread I had going. So far they are coming up legit in every way and all the ways you mentioned as well! Thanks for the input!