Are you more anabolic the more you train

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by ErikR, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. ErikR

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    I was reading somewhere that more you train the more anabolic you are. Is this true? I'm curious if this is true since I lowered my weight training to 3x a week. I always trained 4 to 5 days in the past and I can't train anymore then 3 right now.
  2. prkway

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    More anabolic? Not sure but every so often I drop from 6 days a week to 3 days a week and usually make strength/muscle gains. Your body might enjoy the extra recovery.
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  3. Brandaddy

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    That can kind of be answered both ways. I've seen research showing that the more often you stimulate a muscle, the more you raise muscle protein synthesis. On the flip side, if you constantly break down your muscles, the rate of muscle protein synthesis might not be greater than muscle breakdown therefore having negative effects. If you're training each muscle group HARD 1x a week with steady progression/overload, IMO you should be fine even if it is only 3 days a week.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    That is an interesting take, so you mean training hard one muscle group once a week and rotating groups each day that's the way to go?
  5. Brandaddy

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    That's not the way I specifically train. There are people that preach it though such as Dorian Yates and Neil Hill (trainer of flex Lewis and William bonac). Neil seems tl do more volume work, where Dorian was more about only doing 1 working set to complete failure(Failing on the eccentric, not just the concentric).
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    DC training
  7. ErikR

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    Good point , but if your training more through out the week, say ppl 6x a week , does that in itself make you more anabolic. Regardless of it's the same muscle group or not.
  8. ErikR

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    So, if a person trained a muscle 2x a week and they were still sore, would that cause a negative effect? I heard it's ok to train a little sore.
  9. ErikR

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    I tried it in the past. It did put on size,but my nervous system got fried.
  10. Brandaddy

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    Not necessarily. Lol. When you're anabolic that just means protein synthesis in the muscles is outwheighing breakdown. Therefore you're "building" muscle more than you're tearing it down. So if you train chest 2x a week, you would theoretically stimulate more protein synthesis than if you trained 1x a week. But if you just took your 1 day a week chest routine that got you to where you are right now, then tried to do that workout twice a week. You would probably be breaking down the muscles faster than they can recover even with elevated protein synthesis. So for instance if your chest workout was,

    3x8 flat bench
    3x8 incline db bench
    3x8 flies

    And say your total volume was 9,000lbs

    You're 2 day a week chest workout might want to look like,

    2x8 flat bench
    2x8 incline db
    2x8 flies


    2x8 decline
    2x8 incline bb
    2x8 crossover

    For a total of 12,000lbs.

    That would slightly increase your total workload for the week, but by splitting it into two workouts, your body can better handle it, both physically and mentally.
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