Are you this passionate about bodybuilding?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Vikingiron, Aug 12, 2018.

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    So, you wake up at 11:44 and realize your 3 meals behind. Your bullshit you didn't get up so like a maniac you scrabble to play "Catch up." Thinking of the most efficient way to get in 7 meals in a short period and a training session you run downstairs and eat meal one, plan for a shake an hour later, then the pre-workout meal 1.5 hours later and post-meal 2 hours after. Knowing you could get a real food meal in an hour after the post-meal you will 5 meals in by around 7 pm and then take the last two meals to be done before midnight.
    My question is really am I a crazy fuck or do most of us operate in this fashion? My girl hates it and wants no part in any of it. She often wonders why I or anyone could live like this. Most of my friends who train do it for a shirts off summer thing and are not like me with a few exceptions only.
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    I live in a way that what you described doesn’t even get to happen. If you are crazy, then I can’t imagine what I am.
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    Yes and no .... I live the typical bodybuilding lifestyle the majority of the time , but i dont freak out when shit doesnt go as planned . I dont skip out on "regular" people type shit because its going to screw up my schedule. Or drag Tupperware around to family events like its going to ruin my progress if I deviate from my plan for one day.

    It really just comes down to genetics because I know alot of FREAkS that make me look like a little kid , and they literally wing the shit most of the time . And thats not to say they dont eat huge and train their asses off , but they sure as fuck arent analyzing every minuet detail outside of the tail end of contest prep... Some off them pretend they do more so just because they want to sound like they are working harder at it than they really do . But for most guys that are just genetically meant to be bodybuilders this shit comes as naturally as breathing .

    Ive gained 85ish lbs over a 3 year peroid , and 80% of the time im just training and eating completely instinctively. And im not even generically elite , those guys could literally do anything and look the way they do for the most part . Not saying there is anything wrong with living a strict bodybuilding lifestyle if you love doing it , but torturing yourself with it isnt going to make you a great bodybuilder at the end of the day .
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    I like your response. I eat out and miss meals too and for the most part, it's not a huge deal. I always eat what the family is eating at events and will for days pull away. You're absolutely right about the genetics thing!!
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    I used to be more into it when I was younger, I was that Tupperware guy. Spent Friday night hitting the weights instead of getting hammered like my friends Free time spent on online fitness forums. Fully committed

    My damn wife and kids drag me down now though
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    Yeah its really just about having a good balance. Id say 80% of the time im sticking to the game plan but id go crazy and burn out if I didnt take time to enjoy life outside of bodybuilding .
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    True story. When I find I'm OCD with it conflicts start popping up all over my life and I lose period.
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    I work away from for 10 days and home for 4 days. I am strict and detail orientated on my 10 days away. The 4 home.i am still in gym and still get all my meals in most of the time. However I am a little looser on the 4 days off to accomodate my wife and try to enjoy my time home. If it means a dinner out or a missed meal so be it.
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    I used to be that way, now I stay committed about 90% of the time but when I have to miss a meal it's not a big deal. What I tell people to do is to let those screwups come for reasons such as family, holidays, etc. In all honesty it's still only 1 or 2 cheat meals a week and maybe a missed meal every once in awhile but it hasn't hurt me
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    hell yeah thats that ddrive. who gives a fuck if other people are like that in fact most probably arent. except us who train
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    Lol. Do you regret not drinking and stuff when you were younger?

    This is pretty much how i live now because most the people who drink will drag you down and I quit a lot of bad habits from my past. If i drink too much i start feeling like im going backwards.
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    I drink sometimes. I also partied like a nut when I was in my 20z.
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    If I missed three meals, I would probably eat a huge meal because I'd be hungry. Not sure I've ever missed three though. I keep my schedule pretty consistent.
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    I like the bb timings,so to speak.

    Fasting cardio at early morning,weights afternoon and double cardio sometimes.

    Like my porridge and my eggs & my orange juice.

    Bottom line im a bodybuilder of the sixthy's haha eat the same things doings the same rutines,fullbody of course.

    thats me
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    People don't want to hear/believe this, but it's so true. It's even more so the higher you get in achievement/level/competition. We all want to believe we can "outwork" the next guy. Everyone wants to be Rocky/Rudy.

    I think we just had a thread about this not long ago, but suffice to say that you can't change your parents. So swallow that pill and move on. You can be self aware though. What works for you. Some need complete consistency, some don't. It's your life, and the choices you make regarding how it's spent is thankfully up to you. The fact that you have the freedom to do that is something you can't undervalue. Were you born into slavery or poverty or with some other limit to your life choice freedom, you wouldn't even be thinking about this.

    Make you choices, deal with the consequences and outcomes of such and what is most important to you AT THE TIME, will dictate the path YOU require to achieve your desired outcome. It's only OCD if you continue a pattern of activity for which the outcome is neutral or opposed to what you desire.
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    I don’t really cheat nor miss a meal. I prep the entire week. Like many here in my free time I’m watching videos and planning my training.
    Although I feel I look good, I don’t look nkthjng like these ripped guys but I keep trying and I do love it.
    Being a recovering addict makes it easy to stay fixated on something and be completely extreme about it. Lol
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