Arimidex and E2 reduction number?

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    Hey all,

    So I had a quick question. I know there is not an exact number to answer my question, but I was wondering how much Estridiol is inhibited/removed when using arimidex?

    Yes I understand the variables include dosage, bodyweight, metabolic rate, etc. However, let's use the example of:

    E2 = 24 at lowest point and 29 at highest point
    adex dosage = .25 EOD

    Let me know if I should fill in or remove any information.
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    According to this study: Effects of Aromatase Inhibition in Elderly Men with Low or Borderline-Low Serum Testosterone Levels -- Leder et al. 89 (3): 1174 -- Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism one might expect a 10 point reduction over a twelve week period with dosage at 1 mg twice a week. Interestingly enough the results were similar at a dose of 1 mg per day.

    Overall an interesting study.

    Excerpt: "This study demonstrates that aromatase inhibition is an effective means of increasing testosterone production in elderly men with low or borderline low serum testosterone levels. Specifically, in this study we have shown that anastrozole, even at low doses, increases serum LH and testosterone levels robustly while decreasing serum estrogen levels in a more modest fashion."
  3. Every ones body is different. If you are taking some drugs that are detoxified through the same pathway as adex then you may need more. Just test and restest because i know people that go low on .25 every 5-6 days.
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    excellent reference
    get so tired of reading opinions
    the scientific method rules
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    Your best bet is to gage your Estradiol by your involuntary nocturnal erections that appear during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. If you have them your estradiol is in the sweet spot if your one arimidex and you have them then lose them your going down to low. So just stop arimidex until your wood comes back that day go back on it but do less.

    I keep a log on how much I take and how I am feeling reading back shows you whats happening. I can now tell when I am to high or to low. Every man on TRT as a different problem when to high. I get a rash in between my little toe and just under my arms in small spots and I get sore and hard nipples if I let this go I get ED and start having painc attacks in the middle of the night.

    So between wood and labs I do good.
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    Looking at all the information, it seems like a lot of the same problems occur when you have low or high E2 levels. So the ultimate answer is getting blood work done and checking.

    However, does anyone get "foggy head" or a sense of a cloud sitting in the front of your head when you have either low or high E2? How about anxiety?