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    Its common to use things like clomid to trick the hpta into thinking there is less estrogen in order to start producing testosterone.

    But can arimidex also work in this way by actually lowering the amount of estrogen?

    So in short, if one is secondary hypo and they've got high estrogen, can arimedex lower the estrogen and restore hpta function?
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    Can arimidex fix someone who is shut down with low LH and FSH if their estrogen is high?
  3. Lowering your estrogen is the worst way to raise your natural testosterone because your body needs estrogen. Low estrogen can result in erectile dysfunction, low libido, dry skin, joint pain etc... Low estrogen can basically make you look like a lifelong crack head.

    Aromatize inhibitors like Arimidex, aromasin and Letro should only be run if your estrogen is high and the dosage of AI will be dependant on how high your estrogen actually is. All AIs are very powerful and a lot of people end up taking too much and crashing their estrogen below healthy-confortable levels.

    There are better options like nolvadex and clomid. This 2 mentioned above can rise your testosterone without crashing your estrogen or increasing your estrogen significantly. Other options like hcg can increase your estrogen (dose department) and can come with very undesirable side effects if taken on high dosages. A relatively safe dosage for hcg is 250ius every 3.5days(250ius twice per week). Anything above that is a risk to the health of your leydig cells.
    Because hcg tend to also raise your estrogen bloodworks should be accompanied with it's use and LOW DOSE ai might be needed to bring your estrogen to a safer level (between25-50).

    nolva and Clomid have shown unwanted side effects if taken for long periods of time and that include low libido and erectile dysfunction. Nolva and Clomid should not be run more than 5 weeks at a time in my opinion. Nolva should never be run above 40 and Clomid should never be run above 50 in my opinion unless directed by a doctor(and I hope they don't). 20nolva25clomid being commonly sufficient in most cases.

    Hcg at 250ius twice per week have been proven to be relatively safe for more extended periods of time but it does shut down the hypothalamus production of LH and FSH the same way steroids do. Higher dosages of hcg for extended periods of time can result in leydig cell desensitization and an considerable increase in estrogen levels.

    In other words hcg should only be used during cycle to avoid testicular atrophy or for small burst to increase testicular size and testosterone production. pct meds like Nolva-Clomid should be used after hcg to stimulate the hypothalamus back to life(production of lh and fsh)
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  4. Very rare to be secondary hypo and have elevated estrogen unless you are supplementing with hcg.

    If you are secondary hypo there's an elevated chance of serms like nolva-clomid not working because secondary hypo means your hypothalamus is not producing fsh or lh adequately and Nolva-Clomid stimulate the hypothalamus into producing lh and fsh. A low estrogen level caused by arimidex might encounter the same problem if the hypothalamus is unable to upregulate in the absence of estrogen.
    Serms like Nolva-Clomid basically make your brain believe that there's low estrogen in your blood while arimidex actually decrease your estrogen level but they all have the same end result and that is making your hypothalamus work overtime to produce lh and fsh but if your hypothalamus is unable to produce them then you must find another pathway to increase your testosterone...
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  5. If your estrogen is high you should lower it regardless. Wether is with arimidex or any other Aromatize inhibitor. If the reason for your low lh and fsh is elevated estrogen you should see an increase in lh and fsh after controlling your estrogen. If you are really and seriously secondary hypo you might not see a considerable increase in lh and fsh
  6. No, if you shut down your LH/FSH, you're not on a cycle and done with pct- then it's time to visit your dr! Don't Fk around and try to self-treatment. You might make it worse!
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    So IF I am secondary hypo and hcg, nolva and clomid have not worked then is the only option TRT?

    I thought there were options for secondary but if you're primary your nuts are fucked and TRT is the only solution?

    Also I've tried TRT and it has not worked.
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    Also can high estrogen alone cause secondary hypo?

    Where the brain sees a lot of estrogen and thinks it's testosterone, shutting down LH and FSH?

    Is this reversible by lowering estrogen with arimidex (even in small doses?)
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    This thread kinda spun don’t know if this is just hypothetical ramblings, or a concern in your own current life.

    If it’s going on with you
    1.) Post pics of blood work
    2.) cycle history

    ^^^ that MAY get you more help then what if’s.....

    Good Luck Bro
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    I've been trying to avoid the "F" word so people don't give up on me.


    Since I took it my LH and FSH as well as free testosterone are low.

    Cortisol and DHEA are also low.

    Thyroid is fine.
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    that is complete bullshit mate.
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    also OP, yes lowering your estrogen in this circumstance could very well increase your testosterone level IME. Just started off really slow with the AI though.