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    Hello, meso rx we are an established brand in Russia and beyond. I'm sure many will recognize our product and it's high quality. We have expanded our operation to us and are now offering 2-5 day us domestic shipping. We are adjusting prices to closely match our larger competition. A price list should be out in the next day or so.

    All of our products come professionally packaged with inserts, boxes, and high quality material. The product itself is produced in a sterile lab setting with state of the art equipment. Raws are tested in multiple ways to produce a quality accurate dosed product.

    We will be changing $20 shipping across the board. All packs will arrive within a week GUARANTEED. Stealth methods are used in our packs and we ask that none of these details are ever shared publically.

    Our contact information will be shared with our list in short order. Thanks for reading.
  2. First, bitches!
  3. Btw, yeah, we've heard of ya'. What can you bring to the table that every source before you hasn't?
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    Pictures? You got sterile lab setting with state of the art equipment?

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    It’s source day!
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  6. @Supermansson11 your boy ARL is here. If you're gonna slobber, please bring your own towel. One will not be provided. :D:p
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    Fuck yeah man! I’m in! Can’t wait to pay half of what I get 20ml of test to get some 2-5 day shipping! This is by far one of the shittiest intros I’ve seen a lab do in a while.
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    What kind of jackass comes to a source board to source and doest even have a list. Fuck me running these sources lately must be sharing the same stupid pills.
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    I've heard of ARL....but how in the fuck do we even know you're affiliated with them in anyway? You offer no anything except your word which, quite frankly, is meaningless at this point. In all likelyhood you're trying to run a scam using a known ugls name... so until further notice, fuck you
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    Yep @Supermansson11 shills for them all the time and all that shilling finally brought them here :D
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    Omg, omg, omg their here!
    Yeah fuck that intro. :rolleyes:

    Totally unprepared and totally unprofessional way to start, if in fact, this is the ARL brand.
    @ARLanabolics proof is what we’re gonna need here.
    Being an established source always helps but coming in half assed and riding in on a brand name isn’t going to work.
    Prove yourself and act like you have something to offer.
    Or continue being lazy and fade away...
  12. Fuck u ,piece of shit,shill...internet tuff.guy...
  13. Im not a shill for them so i dont give a fuck fuck any1.says,but i know Arl.russia,has been around for years now,witj a good rep.all labs have ups and downs,but they are still here.As i said Arl.russia is 1 of my top go 2 sources.thank u,come again shit talkers.
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    @ARLanabolics makes a single post at 9:31 pm and then logs out without responding to a single member. WTF?

    Maybe a smart move though. Staying around wouldn't have done any good with an introductory post that lame. Once again absolutely no research done into how a solid source makes a good impression on the community.

    Miraculously the intro is the only sloppy, shady aspect of this "source"? Attention to detail about everything else is spot on?

    Nope, I don't think so either.

    Lazy, arrogant, and disrespectful seem to be the new source mottos of late. Sad when a guest can't even fake good behavior after he invites himself into your house.
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    I added links to our site and a link to our stock images on imgur in our original post but it was moderated and didn't post. I'm assuming after reading the rules that those links weren't permitted. So I'll have those links available to members through pm or email.

    We will be stocking all the same products as our sister site ARL Russia. However due to delays with customs a few of the blends and clen haven't arrived just yet.

    We are excited that many in the us have heard of our quality. Now our products are available in us with no trouble with customs.
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    For fucks sake... reading that gave me a migraine
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    Everything is wrong Ivan.
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    Totally legit and gtg. Trust him and just pm him for orders. I’m sure the prices are discounted compared to the website but that’s for MESO members only, type MESO in the subject line and Ivan will hook you up just so long as you order thru him and not the website. This is sister company afterall.

    Don’t order this is a scam.
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    look at the pic of your oils. How the fuck did you crash or produce and sell cloudy test e? Easiest damn compound to work with. I'd say if you're getting a failure rate with the easiest drug out of them all, the rest of your line up is suspect as well.
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    Pineapple juice
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