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Greetings MESO RX and Happy New Year

I am ARL4Life
The official ARL Internet marketing representative.
I will be here at meso at all times and in other priority areas we vend.

ARL stands for Anabolic Research Laboratories.

These are our website and pricelist links as well as our only official Email for ARL.

For ordering and order information.

website with product pictures

A link to our up to date current pricelist

Our company has been in buisness since 2007.We have been keeping steady ever since with longtime returning vet customers.I am sure there are many of you who are familiar with our brand of products and name as we have been doing this online for 11 years and have seen many boards and forums.
First thing to mention is why we are branching out with our marketing and online presence now and why Meso is one of our priorty areas of focus.
We feel that our gear is some of the best you can get your hands on at a very reasonable price.
Our gear is strong and properly dosed hands down 100%.We have many long time buyers who simply swear by our trenbolone alone as powerful stuff.
Meso by now is very well known and a solid resource for consumers to safely research and choose a good source.Meso is unmoderated and nothing at all is held back from what we can see when a source or brand is focused on,vetted and discussed.
Logic tells you if a source survives and has trust from the meso community than the odds are good that the source is one to trust for the time being.
We think that our products and service will be appreiciated and satisfying for the meso community.We realize mesorx to be a very large percentage of the online customer experience and new users seek out the right and safest direction to take via meso's steroid underground section.
We can see that meso is much more then the steroid underground section and is rich in information which is relevent along with real and active members verses boards who primary focus only seems to be the sponsors.
It is a privledge for ARL or any source for that matter to even be able to post.
We have been in the game for a very long time and i can honestly say this will be the first time that we will be aggressively marketing ARL with the goal of becoming more well known to a much wider audience of aas users and buyers.
We have been comfortable for a long while with a medium sized steady base of loyal customers.
We want to grow larger now in our customer base and be an everyday name along with the other trusted go to international brands that are available.We think we deserve this at the point we are at and will do well upholding this position with no problems.

At the moment we are on the following boards.
Eroids, Promuscle, Musclesenmetal, Anabolic architect, GH15, Superiormuscle.
We do plan to continue to be on more boards,forums and webspaces as any growing buisness would as well.

We are in a push to get our products to be known better.We are growing tired of seeing lesser brands that came after us, growing because of good marketing and we remain an uderground brand.It is time to grow more and share our gear to the masses.Our nature as a species only wants us to do better and more while going further and we adhire to this.

Our products are manufactured/produced in Russia.
We ship from Europe -EU

Shipping times
We take 1-2 days to process your order.
Our shipping to usa is 7-10 days max.
This we have made into a consistant pattern and our customers can expect it to allways fall into this window.Shipping to europe is 5-7 days.
*Being an international source we have made sure that our shipping for the new year of 2019 is rock solid and ready to perform consistantly.
Shipping makes or breaks a good brand as we all have seen many times before.

We have prioritized our attention,money and extra time into our shipping system to make sure no problems with timing so that our customers know what to expect with shipping times and packaging as well.
Holidays or not it dose not matter our packs will remain consistantly moving with in the time window provided for u.s.
7-10 days.
Our packaging is top notch and secure as ever with no worrys of making it through or past any regulatory zones.

*We offer additional stealth options as well for our 100ml jugs and our 10ml vials upon request.Stealth for the 100ml jugs we do mandatory anyways as a good safety measure.
Please at anytime feel free to inquire about our stealth packaging options.
Customer information.
We do not store or keep any of this data longer than needed for order processing reasons.When order is home information is deleted.
We use a proxy along with bootable tails OS.

Shipping cost to U.S $25/20 euro Flatrate.

Forms of payment
Western union / Moneygram and Bitcoin.
Bank transfer is sometimes available as well.

We use anonomysspeech as our email provider.We recomend anyone to use a secure email provider.Others ..protonmail,tutanoa.

We will offer store credit for people who anonomysly purchase our products and post bloodwork.If this is you get in touch for a store credit.
Product reveiws,logs.We also offer store credit for your time.Simply email us and we will give you store credit $$

What makes us different from another internatioanl source?

We beleive our gear is some of the best you can find period.It is strong and properly dosed.Not over dosed to make up for sub par raw materials.
76mg of tren ace made with quality material should be plenty powerful and that is what ours is.The numbers you expect in your vial should allways be correct but that alone is just part of the aspects of good gear.I cant stress enough how important the quality of the base materials are.We allways have and allways will stay on top of our brand being manufactured from high quality materials.
Our vials are all properly filled and quality as well is put into the vials,labels.Presentation is key as well for a complete package.

We have a great selection of products with a rather extensive list and hard to find blends that deliver results.

*Our list is not a preveiw of possilble products if demand needs them but instaed a fully stocked and ready to ship line.
We supply our gear to real people with real lives.We feel that some sources are simply greedy and we dont think anyone should have to struggle to afford a basic cycle.
Our carrier oils differ with our various products.Please ask and we will give the specs of any of our oils,orals upon request anytime.

We have in place a $150 minimum order amount for the time being.In the future we may consider a lower minimum.

Where do we ship to?
World Wide

We will do reshipping 1 time.Currently we have had a very good track record of 100% success to the usa.

We do like to do promos and contest from time to time.
Right now we have been doing 2 promos at different boards.
Testosterone vial sample.
We have been sending a sample vial for free to show our shipping skills and of course to let new people see and use one of our testosterone products.
Allready we know this does not fly at meso so we will not be giving any free samples of products to members out of repect for the community rules.

What we have to offer here for you guys is the same 20% discount we are currently running.This is for our entire list and does not include shipping.

So with the 20% promo for instance you will be getting some of the strongest tren ace available for $27.20 a vial.

Sponsorship.Yes.. We are are allways on the lookout to sponsor a procard holder or top level competitor in the process of obtaining a pro-card.We would like to hear from potential athletes seeking professional sponsorship.If this is you contact us.

We are a massive sleeping gaint with perfect prices,strong clean properly dosed gear and solid customer service and shipping ready to explode onto the new 2019 scene.
Some say bodybuilding and these type of sports are on the decline to the public eye.We would have to disagree.Things have opened up more and we now have more divisions such as classic and mens physiqe along with the many other catagories male and female.
Ped use is here to stay and not limited to bodybuilding.All contact and endurance,strength sports need strong properly dosed and safe gear to function with the expectations that are set these days and rising.
All of this is where we fit in and plan to succeed.

Customer service.
I will be available 24-7 all days of the week for any help needed with product questions and order information.If i have to i will guide anyone day by day to comfort them until their pack is in their hands.No waiting 2 days for replies or not knowing the status of your orders.This is all covered and is as important as our shipping to be solid.
Any questions or concerns will be proptly answered the same day as asked by contacting me here or our email.

There is no reason anyone should be left in the dark or not assisted with something they payed for.When you pay for our products you pay for many things.A strong sterile and real compound.Good shipping times and service along with stealthy and secure packaging.You also pay for top notch customer service to make the process smooth and stress free.
If you contact me expect to have your answer that day.

So behold Our ARL International LIST!

10ml multivials USD
Testosterone Acetate 100mg/ml 19
Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 19
Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml 26
Winstrol Depot 50mg/ml 26
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg/ml 26
Sustanon 250mg/ml 26
Testosterone Suspension Oil Based (TNE) 100mg/ml 19
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml 26
Masteron 100mg/ml 34
Boldenone Acetate 100mg/ml 34
Trenbolone Acetate 76mg/ml 34
Trenbolone Suspension (Oil Based) 76mg/ml 34
Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml 34
Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg/ml 34
Protest (Testosterone Mix) 400mg/ml 42
Trenbolone Enanthate 150mg/ml 49
Primabolan Enanthate 100mg/ml 49
Primabolan Acetate 50mg/ml 33
Parabolan 76mg/ml 54
TRI - Trenbolone 150mg /ml 54
Masteron Enanthate 150 46

Blends & injectable orals- 10ml multi-vials USD
Cyp Prop 200 (Test Prop 100 , Test cypionate 200) 38
Testo Bol 400 (Test enanthate 200 , Boldenone Undec. 200) 46
Testo Deca 400 (Test enanthate 200 , Nandrolone Decanoate 200) 46
Tren Prop Mast 276 (Tren ace 76, Test Prop 100 , Masteron Prop 100) 70
Test Bold Tren 550 (Test enanthate 200 , Boldu U. 200 Tren E 150) 76
Test Bol Tren Mast 600 (Test enanthate 200 , Boldu U. 200 Tren E 100 Mast Prop 100) 90
DBOL Inject 30 19
Anadrol Inject 35 23
Turinabol Inject 30 23
Anavar Inject 25 (WATER BASED) 23
Tri Prima 150 (Primo Ace 50 , Primo Enanthate 100, Primo 50) 66
Tri Mast 150 (Mast Ace 50 , Mast Enanthate 50, Mast 50) 46
Tri Bold 225(bold ace 100 , bold U 100, bold 25) 35.5
Tri Deca 225(NPP 100 , Nandrolone Decanoate 100, Nandrolone 25) 35.5

100 ml jugs - this is a 100ml jug (not 10x10ml) STEALTH PRODUCTS USD

Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 154.5
Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml 195
Winstrol Depot 50mg/ml 195
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg/ml 195
Sustanon 250mg/ml 215
Testosterone Suspension (TNE) 100mg/ml 215
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml 215
Masteron 100mg/ml 245
Boldenone Acetate 100mg/ml 245
Trenbolone Acetate 76mg/ml 245
Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml 245
Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg/ml 245
Protest (Testosterone Mix) 400mg/ml 340
Trenbolone Enanthate 150mg/ml 395
Primabolan Enanthate 100mg/ml 395
Primabolan Acetate 50mg/ml 235
Parabolan 76mg/ml 465
TRI - Trenbolone 150mg /ml 465
Masteron Enanthate 150 400
Cyp Prop 300 310
Testo Bol 400 395
Testo Deca 400 395
Tren Prop Mast 276 605
Test Bold Tren 550 665
Test Bol Tren Mast 600 790
DBOL Inject 30 145
Anadrol Inject 35 185
Tri Prima 150 605
Tri Mast 150 425
Tri Bold 225 365
Tri Deca 225 365

Orals USD
DBOLS 100tab / 10mg 33
Winstrol 100tab / 10mg 38
Turinabol 100tab / 10mg 44
Anavar (Oxandrolone) 100tab / 10mg 49.5
Anadrol 100tab / 50mg 58
Halotestin 50tab / 10mg 76
Superdrol 100tab / 10mg 35 42
Primabolan Ace 100tab / 10mg 44 56

Orals - BULK 500 tabs
DBOLS 500tab / 10mg 145
Winstrol 500tab / 10mg 165
Turinabol 500tab / 10mg 165
Anavar (Oxandrolone) 500tab / 10mg 215
Anadrol 500tab / 50mg 265
Halotestin 500tab / 10mg 695
Superdrol 500tab / 10mg 185
Primabolan Ace 500tab / 10mg 230

100iu (10x10iU) 190USD

Ancillaries USD
Arimidex 1mg(ARL) 60 tabs 45
Femara 2.5mg(ARL) 60 tabs 45
Aromasin 25mg(ARL) 60 tabs 45
ARL Clomid 60tabs 25mg/tab 30
ARL Nolvadex 20mg / 60tabs 30
ARL Proviron 25mg / 60tabs 29
T3 25mcg - 100tabs (ARL) 35
Clenbuterol 40mcg - 100tabs (ARL) 33

Any questions about the products please email us and ask and we will gladly give you any needed extra details.

*Larger Bulk Order Buyers*

Plese PM Me for this as I will gladly offer outstanding bulk prices That are very profitable for our ARL resellers worldwide.

Right now we have one and only one dedicated email address for customer ordering and contact.

Ordering is very simple.Just send us an email with the amount/which products you want to buy with total including shipping cost and we will answer you with the payment details.
simple example

4 x tren ace $136
6 x testprop $114
total $250
promo20%off= $200
shipping $25
total $225


jhon doe
3245 saturn RD
moonville ,Fl

Again Payment is by western union,Moneygram,Skrill and BITCOIN.
Bank transfer is sometimes available as well for the right situation.

email for ordering and order questions.


**Remember i can be contacted here at meso anytime.So please take advantage as i am a 24-7 lifeline to arl homebase.

Any questions,suggestions and opinions please freely post or PM me and i am glad to answer.

We look forward to our growth and will be honored to be a trusted source here as well for Meso.
2019 will be a great year for all of us.We are very positive and optimistic for our upcoming goals with ARL.


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you were able to solve the problems of pip, which were characteristic of your products?
Yes my freind and by the question you have been around for some time to know.Not all but yes some have had a bite in past years.


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I will be around here all day so please feel free to ask any questions,comment post etc.
I also want to mention for ordering for the 20% off promo please write meso20% promo in subject line for order emails.
Thank you


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God yes ass is best, I asked for tit pic because until recent tits were the norm but it's 2019 let's change that! Also is the current has no tits because she's jacked I'd still like to see those just saying
I only care of whats below the waist.Sometimes tits others no.And yes 2019 is a time for change.


I’m a little leery of you @ARL4Life. Last year ARL America was on here claiming to be part of ARL Russia. Why are you here instead of the paid boards, other than free rent? Why did you leave BOP?


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I’m a little leery of you @ARL4Life. Last year ARL America was on here claiming to be part of ARL Russia. Why are you here instead of the paid boards, other than free rent? Why did you leave BOP?
Why we are here is in the intro.Yes we are on paid boards.

This is arl russia 100%.