arm span vs height, Kallmans & kleinfelters

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    12gauge Junior Member

    i have been reading a lot on kallmans & Kleinfelter's syndrome(too much in a short period of time, so not a lot retained)

    Both of these talk about having long arms & legs as a syndrome. i just measured my wing span at 6'4.5" & i'm only 5'9", 155lbs, 15lbs of baby fat. i'm 30yrs old. no muscle mass, even though i've been athletic my whole life.

    i seem to have certain characteristics of each, but not a lot of either. I had delayed puberty, started shaving about 21 every week, & everyday at about 26. I took a lot of Andro at 26 & started growing chest hair. I still have thin skin & small wrist & hands & my penis is thin & small & did not darken? (havent seen a lot of penises, so not sure about the color thing). I also have a reduced sense of smell compared to others, but not missing it completely which is a major thing with kallmans.

    KF also is supposed to lower your IQ but i graduated with a 3.9 in highschool & a 3.6 in college for engineering. But i have always struggled with my verbal skills.

    what is strange though, is i have no lack of sexual desire. i get morning wood, day wood & whevever i dont want wood.

    i have a blood test scheduled next week with a dr. i have not been to a dr since i had a sports physical at age 16, so i'm not really sure what to expect or what ask. I just told the clerk i wanted a physical & hormone testing. i'm tired of my lack of self confidence from looking so young & weak, & want to do something about it finally.

    any comments? (hopefully i'll have bloodwork to post in 2 weeks or so)
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    love_en Junior Member

    I remember you telling me about something happening to you in your teen years. If your testosterone and estrogen levels were not normal at that time for any reason, bone growth could be affected. The fact that you have a sense of smell and your mental abilities are not affected rules out Kallman's. Sorry about the small hands and girl's wrists. I have that too. As well as small feet.
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    Axl Junior Member

    Join the club! I think you just might have plain hypogonadal hypogonadism (HH). The things you decribe fit the profile 100%. I have also small hands, small wrists, small feet. I didn't need to shave until I was 24. Now I only have to shave a bit of hair on my upperlip. I don't have facial hair on the rest of my face (of course I have eye brows...). I don't have hair on my arms or chest, but I do have some hair on my lower legs. I'm skinny, I don't have muscles, and I have fat deposits on hips and belly, despite a lot of training and good nutritional habbits.

    The sexual desire you mention is NOT strange. If you have been hypogonadal all your life, you body is adapted to low hormone levels, which means you will have some sexual desire and you will not have any problem getting erections. That erectile dysfunction thing only affects people that have become hypogonadal at a later stage in their lives, in my personal experience.

    HH people are NOT retarded, only the small group of Klinefelters might have that on some cases. I finished university "cum laude", I speak several foreign languages, etc...

    My comments: I hope you'll find a good doc. Most docs don't know how to recognise HH if it smacked them in the face. So print out SWALE's "initial labwork" and take it with you. It a good list of all the things your doc needs to check. I have lost 24 months looking for a good doc (and doing all kinds of idiot bloodtests) that knew what he was doing. I even visited 2 university professors, that teach endocrinology and that are highly respected in the medical community: both docs gave me a completely diiferent diagnosis: that's a bit strange huh? Most of the so-called expert know everything about diabetis, but they don't know anything about HH. Look for someone who knows his stuff...
    Stick with this forum and ask all the questions you want. I think love_en en myself can help you on your way...
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    12gauge Junior Member

    see dr tomorrow

    thanks guys, my dr visit is tomorrow.

    loven is right, i had a major staff infection at 12 & was in the local hospital for 6 weeks before being sent to seattle childrens hospital & they put in a hickman catheder (dr. hickman himself put it in as he was in town for a charity event) & sent me on my way within a week after the right drugs. So i know how seeing the right doctor makes a difference, & i know i'm not seeing the right person this time, its my wifes doctor.

    But i'm hoping to basically just get the results so that i can post them here for evaulation & posibly get a referall from this doctor to someone who knows what their talking about.

    I know the university of washington has a endocrinolgy dept, so thats where i will try 1st if i can get anybodies attention. But who knows maybe its just genetic & this is what i got dealt.

    got to go eat my last meal before testing tomorrow.

    thanks again

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