Aromasin 25mg day week results

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by G2Ready, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Gram of cyp with no AI 165 Estradiol

    25mg aromasin ED for week 38 Estradiol

    Tell me @pharmacist stuff ain’t legit lol

    Posted cause I was surprised at results



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  2. Man, that’s fantastic! Thank you for posting.
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  3. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Wow 165! How were you feeling when you hit that number?
  4. LA_33

    LA_33 Member

    Awesome! Are you on GH and if so, how much? Your glucose is really high...
  5. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Normal high e2 symptoms for me— not bad at all
    Little sleepy, light lack of hunger— and sex drive was good but not like should be on a G:)

    Figured I was like 80-100
  6. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    No gH this time:)

    Wasn’t fasted at all:) for that glucose test on second round
  7. cousinmuscles

    cousinmuscles Junior Member

    Although exemestane is fast acting I would still give it more time.

    Edit: checked date *facepalm*. Did you discontinue or kept taking at that dose?
  8. This also goes to show how versatile aromasin is. Try that with adex and see what happens.

    Note: That was a figure of speech, not a challenge. Don't try that with Adex.
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  9. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    To be clear, you took 25mg for one week, And retested?

    On another note, am I seeing a difference of 40 between normal and sensitive E testing on the "before" test. That's pretty interesting, what else are you blasting? I wouldn't have thought there would be that significant of a difference with only test c.

  10. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Discontinued for sure:)
  11. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    25mg Ed for week then retested:)

    Just cyp
    NO tren or deca
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  12. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    Thanks for sharing.

    It makes me wonder though if standard estrogen testing is accurate enough to determine ai doses.
    Did you happen to get sensitive testing done for your "after" blood work also?

  13. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    No, but that’s next..

    Gonna get comfortable and where Bloods are stable and AI dose to where I feel comfortable with 0 sides and take both test again to see difference.

    That’s what I’m really curious about.... if the ratio flips when @ lower numbers...

    Which I guess if someone was use to standard testing and felt good with AI dose, there’s no need to compare.
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  14. StillMind

    StillMind Member

    Thanks for posting! Did you tailor your AI after or stay at 25mg a day for the remainder of the cycle?
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  15. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    I had cont at 12.5 EOD and went to low

    Right now I’m between
    12.5 E3D
    & 6.25 EOD

    Trying to find my sweet spot:) before retesting.
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  16. StillMind

    StillMind Member

    It feels like a never ending balancing game. Doing 6.25mg every Mon, Wed, Fri. Getting bloods at the end of the week to see how that’s doing at half a gram.
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