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    Went to see a respected shoulder specialist in my area today for some long running shoulder and neck pain that’s gotten progressively worse over the past two years. Anyway, I have tendinitis and swelling, but also the start of arthritis. Wasn’t expecting arthritis at 38 years old, which I know is ancient to some of you on this board. Have to do some physical therapy along with some high dose prednisone. Not thrilled with prednisone but it’s a sacrifice I’ll live with as I’ve been in a great deal of pain lately. He told me to stop with the very heavy weights.
    Anyone else in a similar situation? I don’t want to be 45 or 50 and be riddled with arthritis. I also love being strong and lifting heavy. Any advice appreciated
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    That pred is a joint destroyer, I do natural/ herbal therapy if your intrested please PM me and when you get the results hopefully then you can post back on here..will cost you about $50 in things
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    I do not know of anyone that has lifted heavy wights for 20 years,,,or even 10 that hasn't started down the road to arthritis. an X-ray I had at 31 showed arthritis in my spine. And it is in many more places now. When you use something a lot it wears out sooner happens to all things people and machines. I have had a few surgeries, but it never occurred to me that pushing myself as hard as I could was good for me. That is what moderation does.
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    Osteoarthritis is caused from bone on bone wear and tear caused by some sort of overuse or injury. The cartridge separating the two bones in the joint tears or breaks down allowing the two bones to make contact and grind on each other causing the inflammation and pain. It cannot be undone all you can do is manage the pain and slow down the progression thru changes in lifestyles. If the pain becomes too much or the joint becomes unusable they replace the joint. I don't have shoulder experience and they have different treatments for different types of joint. You might want to ask about radio frequency nerve destruction to help with the pain not sure if that is an approved shoulder procedure if anything it will block the pain for a few months doesn't slow down the damage though that is solely based on your activites. Definitely try cortisone shots i think they may only be able to do two in a twelve month period. Otherwise pain meds / kratom. When a doctor says stop lifting weights i just bite my tongue and let him look smart. That's all i have to offer.
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    @JohnnyD I have rheumatoid arthritis, also tested positive for Lupus. I’ve been prescribed prednisone, methotrexate and plaquenill. I won’t take any of it (I like to claim natty). Hah. I do take some anti-inflammatory meds / meloxicam. But lately I’ve been feeling good enough that I’ve stopped taking it as well.

    For me I’ve cut certain dynamic lifts that ‘hurt’ but the biggest thing I’ve changed is my diet (what I eat, no alcohol). Remember that what you read about your own prognosis is for the general public. My doctor tells me all the time to keep doing what I’m doing, that my RF factor has gotten lower without meds. The general public doesn’t exercise with the same intensity and frequency as many of us here do.

    So keep listening to your body. It’s the same principle as AAS. Don’t be completely reckless but know that you aren’t limited by some diagnosis.

    And sometimes, well, it calls for joints for joints.
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    I appreciate the responses, I took some time off, two weeks, I was sick anyway. Felt much better after the prednisone run, although my bp was high. As soon as I hit chest day my shoulder was in pain again, even after cutting back on weight. So I’ll give physical therapy a try, skip shoulder day for awhile and see how I end up. I could give deca a shot but not sure how I feel about using it long term.
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    When you say chest day. Which exercises? Do flat, incline, decline all hurt equally? Barbell vs dumbbells? Keep experimenting to see what hurts and what doesn’t. When my RA flares I can’t do flat bench but dumbbells don’t hurt the same way. Anyway, good luck man.