Article about aspiration (Bill, Dr.Scally)

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  1. Michael Scally MD

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    Overall, I agree with the presentation, particularly since it deals with PROFESSIONAL healthcare workers. I never use aspiration when injecting SC or IM. For IM, sites are restricted to deltoid, glute, and thigh. All of this must be taken within the context of anatomy knowledge. As for IV, I always use aspiration first.

    The study of this has more problems. How does one set up a proper study since there are so many parameters. This is one area where adverse effects are almost never reported, NEVER! When it comes to direct (contact) patient care, the questions on effectiveness are MANY! [For example, in the early treatment of hip implants, the patient was bedridden for a long time prior to ambulation. This same procedure was followed for post CABG. Now, there is IMMEDIATE ambulation.]