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    The intent of this log is to document my journey so myself and others can learn from it, in the hopes I am provided with feedback, advice and constructive criticism, and of course as a reference to track progress. It will be more than just tracking one cycle, rather it will encapsulate all of my diet, training, blasts, cruises and everything in between.


    My goals for at least the next 2 years are to add lean mass while keeping bodyfat below 15% at all times, and to develop proportion which I am very much lacking. To bring up trouble areas, such as calves and hamstrings. I want to confidently walk on stage at a low level amateur competition at age 45 or sooner.


    41 years old
    194 lbs
    10-12% bodyfat

    Here are some recent pics as I enter year 3 of my journey. More about why I didn’t discover this obsession until age 39 in a later post.







    The following thumbnail pics show where I was in February 2017, only a few months in after I got started.




    For the foreseeable future, I will be running 16 week blasts. They will be centered on NPP for weeks 1-8, tren weeks 9-16. In between I will be cruising on doctor prescribed cyp @ 200mg/week for 12 weeks to help myostatin return as close to baseline as possible. Blasts will look something like this:

    400mg/wk test weeks 1-8
    600mg/wk npp weeks 1-4
    700mg/wk npp weeks 5-8
    500mg/wk test weeks 9-16
    525mg/wk tren weeks 9-12
    700mg/wk tren weeks 13-16


    Like many of you, I’ve become a huge fan of John Meadows. For the next few years I will be rotating his programs every 3 months or so. I’ll be starting next Monday with Carnage in an attempt to bring my legs up.


    This will be adjusted as I travel through different phases of blasts and cruises. I will go into great detail as goals are redefined and adjustments are made. I will say now I generally eat clean with very few cheat meals.


    Generally I get bloods done 1-2x while cruising and every 4-6 weeks while blasting. All tests will be posted in this log.
  2. Subbed. Those before and after are impressive. I don’t usually complement a guy for his legs, but in your case, I must admit, nice tree trunks.
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    Cool thread @DrankSlangin. I like the idea of the a long term transformation thread.
    I’m definitely along for the ride brother man.
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    Good start so far. Subbed for the topless pics as always
  5. Glad you pulled the trigger finally with making the log that’s awesome brother. You’ve made some great changes thus far. Look forward to watching your journey !
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    Subbed for sure.
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    Thank you very much, although I must admit that’s the best they can look currently with that pump and front angle. My hammies are lacking, one of the main focuses moving forward for sure.
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    Right on my man! @FourOneDeuxFitt inspired me to log my upcoming cruise, at that point I figured why not just keep my whole journal here
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    Ha I won’t let you down :) Truthfully I foresee many topless pics due to my right pec being ruptured back in the mid 2000s and never had surgery. There will most certainly be times I call on you vets for assistance with this as my size increases.
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    Thank you my brother for your inspiration and support. And I look forward to watching yours as well!
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  11. Absolutely man. That’s what we’re here for.
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    Definitely subbed.
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    Training wounded huh? I can dig it. Never would have guessed your age looking at your avi. Nice fucking work man.
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    Thank you my brother, age really is just a number.

    The chest rupture is actually from a stupid, drunk accident from my alcoholic days. I was drunk and slipped while attempting to climb a fence in the rain. I never even had it looked at and by the time I sobered up and really got into lifting a couple years ago, it was too late for repair.

    It slows my chest development a bit and my anterior deltoid on that side can get overworked. But no excuses. We’ve all got injuries at this age, only choice is to work through them.
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    Nutritional Layout

    Following is the food plan leading into my cruise starting Monday. I will ramp up to around 3600cal. It follows a common trend that calories are highest for meals surrounding workouts, then gradually taper down throughout the day. Currently I train in the AM so breakfast doubles as my preworkout meal.

    Adjustments will be made as I learn new things, get tired of shit and adjust calories based on updated TDEE. I consider myself a fairly decent cook, but fuck man you guys know how it is. It eventually becomes all about the numbers: macros and micros, calories and percentages, and how to cost effectively consume them. So it’s a pretty boring plan ha.

    Meal 1 preworkout:
    696cal 96c 9f 61p

    10 egg whites
    1.5 cups oats
    1/2 scoop whey
    5g creatine
    1/2 cup blueberries
    I’d say 2 cups coffee but honestly it’ll be 4.

    Meal 2 within minutes postworkout
    310cal 26c 2f 48p

    2 scoops whey
    1 banana
    1 pink lady or honeycrisp Apple

    Meal 3 one hour post workout:
    984cal 116c 29f 82p

    8oz chicken breast or tenderloin
    1.5 cups oats
    1/2 scoop whey
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1/4 cup almonds

    Meal 4:
    745cal 74c 23f 62p

    6oz lean ground beef
    1 cup oats
    1/2 scoop whey
    Broccoli and purple cabbage

    Meal 5:
    490cal 50c 7f 61p

    6oz chicken breast or tenderloin
    1 cup oats
    1/2 scoop whey
    Broccoli and purple cabbage

    Meal 6:
    342cal 18c 9f 36p

    6oz sockeye salmon
    Broccoli and purple cabbage

    Total calories: 3567

    Total Macros: 380c 81f 358p

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    I really don’t like egg whites. But I’ve learned my workout performance is better if I minimize fat intake preworkout. Makes me lethargic and sometimes nauseous mid session. If I eat eggs any other time, absolutely the yokes are included.

    The broccoli and purple cabbage I mix myself and toss in apple cider vinegar. Shit is bomb.

    I’m on a rolled oats kick right now. I will also mix up sweet potatoes and brown rice as my go to carbs.

    I treat myself to a piece of 85% dark chocolate every few days. Lots of health benefits despite the sugar and saturated fat. Also helps lower myostatin, but not to any effect that is helpful to us ha.

    I’m not big on supplements. I believe it’s best to get as much as we can from real food. Whey protein, creatine and fish oil on days I’m unable to eat salmon or egg yolks, that’s pretty much it. If anyone recommends another supp(s) that should be included, please advise.

    Drugs. Besides performance enhancers, I take trazodone and magnesium to help me sleep. @Roger rabbit turned me on to a certain magnesium spray, much like he did for many of you guys as well.
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    Magnesium spray? You mean "ants in a spray bottle"?
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    Haha yea it’s an interesting sensation for a few seconds. On a sunburn or after shaving makes for a nice sting
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    How many sprays are you guys using of that stuff? IveIbeen doing two, cantc say I have noticed any difference at all
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    Can’t remember the dosage @Roger rabbit recommended, but he said it equals about 30 sprays.