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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Mdrock98, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Mdrock98

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    Let’s get a discussion about the reputation of this Forum and the sponsors. Do these sponsors pay the board? Are they reputable? I heard mix things. Are they a joke over there? Even tho Meso are a bunch of hard asses I fuck with the Meso squad cuz they seem to play no games and keep it 100.

    What’s good.
  2. Mdrock98

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    (Anabolic Steroid Forums)
  3. murray312

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    Twas my home forum. There are a few good sources. The General crowd is cool.
  4. Mdrock98

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    I feel you. Seems like it’s a lot fanboys for
    Their particular source they fuck wit. Like dam, fanboys.
  5. socalmk6gti

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    Haven't been able to login to ASF all day. Has there site been taken down? Like BOP?
  6. murray312

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    Shit me either now that u mention it
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  7. chocolatemalt

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    It's been up all day for me.
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  8. Tiredandhot

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    Just curious, do mods and admins protect the bad sources or do they ban them? Heard somewhere ASF doesn't delete threads and keep bad sponsors but would love to know the truth. No, I'm not looking for a source there.
  9. Mdrock98

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    Bro, they deleted my thread when it came to a certain matter regarding their lab which effected their reputation. Seems to me their dedicated reps does everything they can to protect the source.
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  10. Tiredandhot

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    Ok thanks. Looking for other input if any. I'm on there but it's not as good or active as here.
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  11. Tiredandhot

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    Pomps pharma is crap, there are threads here about them. A lot of the sponsors are on other forums too,read a few are ok but I not not recommending them.
  12. JJ14

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    Depends what your intentions are. Are you looking for info from a forum or are you looking for a source?

    If your looking for a source the forum really doent matter. Just research the source reviews and see if they are on any other boards. I've ordered from plenty of sources on boards I didnt like and all was good.

    Everybody has their opinions on boards and not everybody's is the same. Your best bet is to join and see how it goes. If you like it then stay and if you dont then leave. You will find out pretty quick if it's for you or not.

    Just make sure you read the rules to any board you join cause it can save you from alot of headaches plus you will have a better idea on what to say and what not to say.
  13. Sources have admin rights in their subforum. You post something that makes them look bad and they'll delete it.
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  14. Mdrock98

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  15. jackmeoff1

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    Some good sources, mostly scammers though . Uncle z been ripping people off for over a decade over there

    The sources can delete threads in their sub forums. Sometimes in the general source check section you can get the picture but I’ve had my reviews deleted there before too

    Yeah, they suck. Now that I think about it
  16. Mdrock98

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    I’m sticking around here flat out.
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  17. Sp2.0

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    The pit is usually an entertaining read but aside from that it's a source board not much different then the others
  18. Mighty-mouse

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    Looks like they took asf off Tapatalk web version has been working for me all day.

    Not saying they protect the source but you better come with proof if shit is bad or they will ban you.

    The pit is really not un moderated you can still get banned over there for source bashing.

    And as people have said all reps and sponsors have mod power over their sub forums. They can edit or delete as they see fit.

    They have no vetting process of their sources as long as they got that 1300 a month rent they can have their spot
  19. murray312

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    Prob actually not a bad idea about taking off Tapatalk.
  20. Ksocy38

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