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  1. This will be a 12 wk cycle with just Astro gear. I'll post strength gains on power lifts and total weight gain every week. I will also post total T bloods in week 4

    Cycle layout as of now:

    Week 1-2 Test P 700mg
    Week 1-10 Test E 750mg
    Week 1-10 tren E 400mg
    Week 11-12 Test P 500mg
    Week 4-12 Var 60mg ED
    Week 12-13 2000 IU hcg EOD
    Week 2-12 Letro .5mg EOD

    Week 14-15 clomid 35mg ED
    Week 16-17 no compounds

    First pin was last night put 2.5cc into my right quad. No Tren cough and some minor pip this morning.

    Hoping to gain 30 lean pounds.

    Let me know if you think the front load is too much.
    IME Test E starts to kick in at around 8 days for me so I might cut the second week of test p to 300mg or so depending on how my nipples react.

    First time running Letro as well so I hope I can find my dose quickly.

    Let's do this shit :cool:
  2. I was running Astros tren/testE before my surgery. Good stuff I'll be following!
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    Getting ready to start my second Astro cycle.. Good Luck Bro.. I'll be watching
  4. Serra how much of each did you run. First time running anything besides test for me
  5. 500mg test and 400mg tren. Think I made a log of it before procedure.
  6. Think I was up 15lbs in like 4 or 5 weeks without orals. Shits good mangggg
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    everytime i see your screen name its make me grin, just great man.
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    I wanna see some after pics.. :cool:

    Snap the before's now, let the transformation begin..
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  9. Only if you promise to :wank:
  10. So my girl was folding laundry last night about 10 min later she stopped, looked at me and said I can't fold laundry, I have a back pump [:eek:)]

    So guess the var is at least decent can't wait to try it myself [}:)]
  11. Before

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    subscribing. good luck
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    Good luck bro keep us updated and motivated!
  17. Dropping the test to 300mg and upping the tren to 600mg. If this approach works as it's supposed to and I feel good I will up the dose to 400mg test 800mg Tren.

    4th pin today

    Pinned 500mg test e 300mg test P and 500mg Tren so far.

    Nips starting to get sensitive already so I'll start my AI today.

    Might be placebo but I got an extra rep on all my lifts today so I was feeling pretty good about that considering this is only the 4th day.

    #shoulderslikeboulders :cool:

    Do you guys still want to see bloods with low dose test? Not sure if I care to since it's just over a TRT dose. Let me know ight.
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    Nice back.. I'd like to see the bloods, TT levels should still be pretty high on 300/week plus it's great to check e2 to make sure AI is dialed in..
  19. Otay I'll get them done jus for you pumpkin.

    I have sensitive nips so if my e2 is out of range I know almost instantly but your right it never hurts to check and we'll know more about Astros test e.
  20. So I'm starting to feel the tren already I thought it would take a bit longer but yesterday I was sweating like a pig and I felt like I was training in the Himalayas

    This only continued on heavy compound lifts and eventually subsided within a few minutes. I take 4 min rest periods between sets so I can handle it but I can't imagine what would happen if I only took 1 minute.

    Kind of worried that the loss of breath will continue to worsen considering its only been 5 days with enanthate Tren, hope it doesn't get too bad.

    Anything I can do to combat this short term?
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