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    I ordered from the real Alin in 2000
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    And its still not here...what the fuck! LMAO.
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    Fair answer. Makes sense.
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    Will you have a promo for Christmas on Balkan and SP?
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    No. I ordered from the original Alin many times from 2000 - 2003. I even got legit Parabolan (expired, but real). I quit using him after he sent me products I didn't order and his punk ass expected me to pay for it. Alin was around in 1999, so I don't know who this clown ass mother fucker thinks he is fooling.
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    Hello everyone. Been lurking for a while figured I would try to contribute something. Here is the blood work I took after my 3rd week using SP Labs Test E , 250 mg on Mon & 250 mg on Thurs. I front loaded 1000 mg during the first week. Blood was drawn 12 hrs post pin. At the time of the bloodwork I was also running 50 mcg per day of SP labs stealth t3, which I believe to be fake due to my high TSH levels here. Other products being ran were 30 mg RAD 140 and 25 mg MK677 by EA. No Anti Estrogens were being ran at the time of this blood test.
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    Well done for sharing bloods mate but you should seriously consider editing out your details and the physicians details plus address.
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    Ya I fucked that up.
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    @Millard Baker Could you do something about post #246? Lots of personal info
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    I have experience with ashop around 11 years ago. They definitely had a lot of issues back then and I ordered from the real ashop. Took way too long, customer service was half rate and I ended up throwing the product out. He also sent me extra shit and told me he did me a favor. Just a whole different experience with this dude and I never went back to him. Really hope this isn’t the same dude for everybody else’s sake.
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    Well the items from Balkan and sp i i order recently all checkout as authentic on the sites so i got no issues with them
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    Does they also offer domestic shipping in US?
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    I bought with the last promotion at 50%, the primobol sp and a code number was illegible, Ariel gave me the maximum assistance by solving the problem by writing directly to sp.
    the professional seller sees when a problem arises and how it is solved.

    thanks again Ariel you are the best
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    Yes, we will.

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    We do, but only for ZPHC and Spectrum.

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    Ever have Balkan domestic?
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    Unfortunately, we don't know if it will be possible in the future to offer you domestic Balkan.

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    Santa came earlier this year. You now have -40%.

    We are starting our annual Christmas Sale that will run for a limited time, so you should hurry up to get the best prices for this season.

    The Discount is available for Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Stealth Juice, BodyPharm products.
    The Offer is valid 19 December 2019 - 03 January 2020.
    During the Promo Bulk Prices not available.
    The promo will not be applied for the products from Hot Prices and Cycles & Kits category.

    Check out our products right now on Auth .

    Warmest regards, Team
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    Site is down currently bro