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  1. TobiramaSenju

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    Look at the earlier posts on this thread. I mean are they still good?
  2. bruhbruhbruh

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    I scrolled through, and all of those negative posts are about something that happened long time ago. At least that's how I understood it. This is more of a promo topic, so you won't find too much feedback here. As cadafi said Ashop representatives are more active on Eroids. Not sure how much of a credible source they are, but most of the feedback there is pretty positive. There has been a complaint or two about rebranded version of Esculap (generic cialis) from Balkan not working right, but that could also be subjective.

    Anyways, one of my buddies placed an order with Ashop, so if everything checks out alright for him, I'll place an order of my own.
  3. pfdept59

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    I have had 11 or 12 Balkan orders with Ashop in the last year,I could not be happier with them.Longest I waited to the US was 30 days,most orders 2 weeks.Good prices on promo and good customer service.They are running a promo now for 30%+20% if you pay with crypto.I am stocking up for the next year or so.
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  4. TobiramaSenju

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    How long was this ago if you don't mind me asking? Might place an order.
  5. TobiramaSenju

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    Lemme know what happens brother. I'd love to know if they're still legit. I've placed orders with them in the past. No issues. I mean shit they even shipped orders to APO addresses with no problems.
  6. pfdept59

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    Just placed an order today to take advantage of the promo.All the Balkan products I bought I check on the Balkan Pharma website and all the codes check out as authentic.I have been using them exclusively for the last 12 months,every time they run a promo on Balkan and SP
  7. TNotch347

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    Gotta be careful with the code check tho, old style box, fake gear still had good code. Not saying yours were fake at all... just repeating what I’ve heard.
  8. pfdept59

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    All new style boxes,vials,and blisters for orals
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    I guess we didn't scam you 'cause we are not scammers )) just check these shops,,
    They are the one pretending to be ashop (previously alinshop), some of them even copied our old site interface to trick clients. Maybe this answers your question. We didn't scam you because you have made your order on the correct site .

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    Hey man, my friend received the package, and everything checked out perfect. He tried their tadalafil (Esculap), and says it definately works, so there's that. Thumbs up for Ashop, I'll be placing an order for myself soon.
  11. TobiramaSenju

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    Thanks for the heads up bro
  12. TobiramaSenju

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    Not being a dick or anything. Like I said. Ashop has NEVER scammed me or anything of the sort. I'm just wondering why ashop has such a bad rep. Ashop has always been good to me and it would suck I lost you guys as a source.
  13. Just had another order clear my local distribution mailing center. Never have a problem with these guys. Customer service is always on point and shipping has never been more than a couple of weeks. And they’ve always got a sale if you check there website. I’ll honestly never buy domestic ugl orals with the way Ashop conducts themselves.
  14. kinkos

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    1 out of 2 package has came through took roughly 7 days to ship ( it was out of stock the time I ordered) it took another 12 days to be delivered. Still waiting on my 2nd package. Overall customer service 10/10, shipping is kinda slow but its mostly out of their hands cant comment on the product yet.
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  15. antanisblindo

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    I made my 5th order with ashop and I received the products in 6 days (I live in Italy).
    as always I bought sp and Balkan and everything is original, also I took advantage of the 45% discount.
    thanks Ariel you are the best seller

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    Package 2 out of 2 arrived, like mentioned before great quality with amazing customer service and I need ti mention the amazing price. The only thing that seems to be common is the slow shipping speed.
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  18. cadafi

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    How long did it take, i mean if you could share that info thanks, inside EU???
  19. kinkos

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    First package I received it within 3 weeks from the time I got the tracking number. 2nd package I got it within a week and a half. It took them 4 days to ship from the time I paid
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  20. cadafi

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    Thanks for the info