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  1. Do not use. Banned from what was a very good site, iron media, for ripping people off
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  2. darkdays

    darkdays Member Supporter

    Totally, def. wouldn’t throw money away a second time. Ain’t rich yet lmao. So I don’t plan on gambling on a source. I posted that way others would be able to see my experiences. Also figured I’d give them the opportunity to make it up to me if they were trying to regain their credibility and show they’re here to do legit business and become a solid source once again.
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  3. Xragexx

    Xragexx Member Supporter

    A good source will always make their wrongs, right.
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  4. darkdays

    darkdays Member Supporter

    Agreed. My thought process was I’d at least give them the opportunity to do so.
  5. darkdays

    darkdays Member Supporter

    And if they don’t it shows their intentions on here are to cherry pick the members who don’t spend the time reading threads ultimately spending money without the proper familiarity with the sources track record.
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  6. Xragexx

    Xragexx Member Supporter

    As long as members do their research the likely hood of getting scammed is very slim. Knock on wood, I haven’t been burned before but I read up on a thread in advanced before pulling the trigger.
  7. darkdays

    darkdays Member Supporter

    True. Wish I knew about these forums beforehand
  8. DonaldPump

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    Wtf, came here for tits......I’m disappointed.
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  9. 65d011bbf581b8be98c587111d3f96a1.jpg

    Got you covered, broski. :D
  10. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    How's the gym in the White House? :D
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  11. Urgentfury12

    Urgentfury12 Member Supporter

    Forget the gym how’s the First Lady
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  12. DonaldPump

    DonaldPump Member

    They both wear me out.
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  13. Xragexx

    Xragexx Member Supporter

    Boobs are boobs but they look lopsided :confused:
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  14. He didn't specify quality. So i dug down low.
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  16. Zarioh

    Zarioh Member

    Any1 used him yet?
  17. hunterbro

    hunterbro Member

    Ya know something.... I don't say much but I've been around a long time... and you should just shut the fuck up right now. The new guys don't know any better but I've seen you come and go..I've seen you selectively scam tons of customers... It's always the same ole story... pump out some decent product... gain a following... then start selectively scamming this guy or that guy.. Some guy gets scammed by you and you call him crazy or say he must have used a fake site and it's not your fault... you're garbage..
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  18. darkdays

    darkdays Member Supporter

    Not trustworthy.
  19. Member Supporter

    We are really sorry you have this kind of impressions, but let's not start offending 'cause it's not ok to talk like this.
    We have had some problems a few years ago, but we solved them and we did not scammed anyone, there may have been some misunderstandings, but we tried to do our best.
    It's your right to not like us and to express your opinions wherever you want but you can't call us or anyone else garbage and talk like this. So please, be respectful.

  20. hunterbro

    hunterbro Member

    No you listen here... you think I've only been around when you had problems a few years ago? I've been at this for over 29 years! I've seen you come and go. I was there at the beginning. You want me to start linking threads dude? huh? Yeah and this is America you scamming piece of shit...I can say what I want; especially when I know what I know. You or your dad or your boss or the most likely of scenarios, some dude you don't even know or know about was selectively scamming people ten plus years ago and it didn't stop and probably still hasn't. So don't come here talking like we all forgot and you get a new slate just because there's a high turn over of new guys that don't know. And you're mister respectful? No. Let's call this for what it is.. You are a drug dealer that came to Meso to make money off it's members hoping we forgot that you are bad business. You have been selectively scamming guys for years to make the money you need. And now you have come to the wrong place to continue that practice. Now knock it off before I start digging up old threads...
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