Ashop comes through!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Kungfu_0691, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Kungfu_0691

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    Hello friends, I ordered about 300 orals from ashop and received them within 11days to the USA. I've purchased from ashop before with 100 percent success so this time was no different and the quality of there products are some of the best out there. Thanks ashop for your service
  2. Ozzy619

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    Last night I ate taco bell and I got my order in less than 5 minutes. Thanks taco bell for coming through. Last time I ordered I got my food too. I'll re post when I take a shit to verify quality of the food.
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  3. And all it cost you was a blowjob. Keep up the sucking - I'm sure Alin appreciates it.
  4. Taco Ball has a 100% success rate. They always come through!
  5. CdnGuy

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    You can say that again. Shit run's right through me :(
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  6. Bob Dole

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    Congratulation @Kungfu_0691 because of you, God killed another kitten!
  7. I'm surprised Alin is still in business.
  8. ebkallday

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    Fukin Schill!!!!!!
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  9. Ozzy619

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    What's wrong with taco bell bro. Last time I had my glucose checked I had stable numbers. It's the most legit Tex Mex for the skrilla. Del Taco is fucking garbage, always get deep tissue diverticulitis from their bunk cheese.
  10. Bob Dole

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    I enjoy the chicken burrito with non shredded chicken!
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  11. Ozzy619

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    I was JK. I actually hate taco bell. We have some legit tacos shops where I'm at and they shit on taco bell. I got some burritos and tacos on deck if anyone is looking, hint hint.
  12. Smooli

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    Don't mean to necro this thread, but why do you think so? They got high ratings on Eroids, or are they all fake?
  13. Pomacanthidae

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  14. Bob Dole

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  15. showstoppa

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    No they arent all fake. in fact most of the actual reviews on eroids are real. problem is in a system like that its easily manipulated through the buying of reviews. you see it quite often and although the mods try their best to stop it, its impossible. also people are stupid and dont do full legit reviews and the mods have to delete them, good or bad. actually late they have been harping on full reviews and banning people for doing reviews after a week or two.

    they just caught a ton of people doing it last year and suspended a bunch of sources over it.

    the best thing to do is read the actual reviews and the source intro page. if you see something that bothers you, don't buy.

    eroids has some great sources but has more than its share of horrible sources too. its uo to you to figure out who is good or not.

    as far as alin goes, he has been a selective scammer in the past and has used his family connections in the government there to put competition out of business. he is shady as fuck. but he has been around a long time and has good products. i wouldnt use him unless i had too but do your own research. we have some good sources here too. as far as international goes i prefer naps because frankly alin is a cock sucker in my book.
  16. Smooli

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    Thanks, yeah I wasn't feeling too comfy with him.. which is why searching lead me here. I'll prob stick with naps. Anyway, have a clue what the two commenting above you are on about?
  17. showstoppa

    showstoppa Member Supporter

    Most on here think eroids is scam. most are just parroting bullshit but some have had bad experiences. i will say their hit rate on sources is a lot better than here and many of the labs that have tested best have been from there.