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  1. legendary

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    Seriously am. Have any of you guys ran gear while being on probation or parole? While getting drug tested? I know jobs don’t look for it. But do they usually for probation or parole? Thanks in advance.
  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    No. However, I knew on a guy on drug court who was suspected and got caught. But its not a standard test, otherwise.
  3. legendary

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    He has some charges unrelated to drugs. Fighting ect.... so wasn’t sure if regular probation would check for it.
  4. Evom1

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    1. Keep all gear off his property and stored at a friend's house including pins, pct and anything he wouldn't willingly show his PO
    2. They likely would not check but if he suddenly gained noticeable size it could raise suspicion.
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  5. wedorecover

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    Yes they don’t test for it did it for years
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  6. legendary

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  7. Jrock83

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    I'm doing it right now. I get tested once a month plus I'm on a random number system. Once my number is called I have to go in. They dont test specifically for the gear though. I used to be paranoid about the alcohol in the gear setting off the ETA test for alcohol...but it doesnt.
  8. Jrock83

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    Sorry... I meant ETG test for alcohol