asperate with slin pins?

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  1. Avies48

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    i am on trt 2x's a week test cyp with hcg and aromasin (exemestane)

    and wanted to ask if it is necessary to aspirate while pinning with a slin pin?

    and if so how come doctors dont ever aspirate when giving injections?
  2. BBC3

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    Duder...! First you are not using a true slinpin. I see this misnomer a lot these days. Go buy a back of insulin pins and try to suck some cyp up thru them. Ill see ya in a year. I am thinking the technical definition of SLIN PIN must be a syringe to which the PIN comes attached and on a permanent basis, and can not be removed...

    I speculate what you have there is a 1cc syringe with a 25-27ga needle. And ya know what. I now recall that there is that 1cc model on the market that has that goofy ass PLUNGER LOOKIN pin CONNECTION. The ones they used to use on infants and kds in the 70s lol... But serious... I recall taking them home as a reward.... BUT FOR THE RECORD CAN WE OFFICIALLY DEEM THAT SLIN PINS MUST BE PERMANENTLY ATTACHED AND IN BAGS OF MASS QUANTITY ON RETAIL SHELVES TO QUALIFY!?!?!?!?!?!? LOL You'llknow em when ya see um......

    RE YOUR QUESTION. There is no amount of air you could get in that 1cc syringe that would kill you. And if ya get a little juice in the vein, it will be a small one and wont go far.... Enjoy the cough. Thats all.... just review proper sites and proceedures. But you should always aspirate if possible...

  3. foreveryoung

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    "most doctors" or nurses do aspirate, they might do it so quickly you don't notice, when you get good at it all it takes is a quick flick of the plunger back a quick notch to see whether you have "vacuum" or not

    but like BBC said, for where the injection is and what and how much is being injected, it is not really that big of a deal to worry about
  4. Avies48

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    haha yeah understand, and for the record those are the pins i have, 29 gauge in bags of mass quantities !!!

    so i do actually pre load them with my test cyp, and that way i only have to spend like a day filling them and then a day with an injection, cause its like honey!! JK!

    thanks for the reply
  5. Avies48

    Avies48 Member

    ok, well i have waisted pins of test cyp because ive aspirated, and little balls of blood have come into the syringe, and hate to waste !! so just wondered if it was a huge deal to aspirate in the shoulders
  6. keriheat

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    @ Avies48, What are your injection sites? How long is the pin?

    The operative word here is 'MOST'. Most dr's and nurse's aspirate. Most insulin pins are 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch in length. Test-C is injected intramuscular, insulin is not. If you have any meat on you you may not be in the muscle. Short intramuscular pins are 1'' then 1 1/4 then 1 1/2. I aspirate. I inject T-C in my upper/outside thigh muscle. I use a 27g X 1 1/4" pin. 10 times now. I have never seen blood when I aspirate.
  7. Avies48

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    1/2" 29 gauge and alays in the shoulders!
    also have 23 g, 1-1.5" but cannot pin with those, at all! just cannt do it!!
    so i stick with the slin pins, in fact just tried and asperated in left shoulder and drew blood! had to scap the syringe yet again! have been wasting these by the numbers at least two filled per week!
  8. keriheat

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    Avies, why cant you pin with the longer pins? How long have you been on T?
  9. Bulldog

    Bulldog Banned

    I can draw Test Cyp into a 1/2cc insulin syringe with 5/16" 31 gauge needle (and I know several others do this as well). It does take a couple min. to get a dose, but it can be done and it certainly doesn't take "a year" to do it. Obviously you were being facetious with the "year" comment, but come on...
  10. natg101

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    I draw up Test Cyp into an .5in 29G insulin syringe in under a minute usually.....
  11. foreveryoung

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    hmm, wonder why you guys do it that way??

    the best practice I always found was draw with a bigger pin, then replace it with a smaller pin to inject, never draw with the same pin you are injecting with, it just dulls the tip
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  12. Bulldog

    Bulldog Banned

    The tiny needles on the BD Ultra-Fine II syringes stay sharp. Don't feel a thing.

    For IM shots I always swap needles.