Aspirating before injection


It is not always easy to see if some blood may have entered the syringe behind me. If I pull the plunger back and get a really good suction, am I good to go? I assume blood rushing in would reduce a good suction. I have found a drop of blood inside the syringe and had significant blood from the injection site multiple times but never had symptoms of injection into the bloodstream.


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Unless your,putting it in an artery you will be fine. No need to aspirate. I never do. Been years


Inject in the right place and dont worry about aspirating, just causes more wiggle damage, at least for me. I have never had a nurse aspirate, ive even said hey, let me do it.


Never aspirated either. It just gives you the opportunity to wiggle around and create more pip, infection potential.


Definitely causes you to wiggle more unless it's something like your quad. But in the past 8 years or so I have had a few instances where I'd aspirate and got blood right away so let's say 2-5% of the time. 95%-98% of the time it's been good to go, which is a really good figure but when it comes to injecting shit into your body....


I'm 100% convinced that self injecting outside the quads is not a good idea. And there is something psychological about sticking a needle 1.5 inches long into your quad as you look straight down that makes it rough. Injecting in the glutes is by far the best, but you need someone to do it for you as you WILL wiggle that needle around. There's no way around it. That said, I will never aspirate. If I ever go directly into vein, we can deal with a five minute coughing fit and life goes on. I talked to a guy on TRT for 22 years and he's never had an issue. Ill play those odds over tearing up and creating excess scar tissue any day.