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  1. Ladies and gents-

    We would like to introduce ourselves as Atlas Physiques. Two Meso veterans, @mands and @Wunderpus, have decided to go into the online coaching world.

    Frankly, we’re sick of seeing people waste their hard earned money on bullshit cookie cutter programs and templates, with little to no results to speak of. We’ve spent years working with coaches, speaking with experts and experimenting on ourselves and friends to compile an expansive and diverse set of tools and knowledge. We realize no two bodies are the same, so why should the diet and training be that way? It shouldn’t!

    We will offer two different plans:

    Platinum Package - This program includes diet, training and supplement protocols catered to you, and only you. There will be weekly check ins, as well as unlimited questions and answers. Weekly changes will be catered to your goals and progress. $200/ month.

    Gold Package - Is the same as Platinum, however excludes the training plans. We realize many folks prefer to use their own training methods. This will still include diet and supplement protocols, as well as the check ins and Q&A. $150/ month.

    We are proud Meso members, and want to offer something to our Meso family and the board itself. We are excited to offer an 8 week program to one Meso member, which will be chosen using a raffle method.

    For every $5 you donate to Anabolic Lab from 4/23/2018-4/30/2018 you will receive 1 ticket. On 4/30 we will pull a name from a hat, and that member will receive 8 weeks of Platinum Package services. The more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of winning are (1 ticket for every $5 donated).

    Thank you for considering our services, please ask any questions and offer any feedback you have.
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    This sounds like a winner. Good luck to those who join in!
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    Thanks MW...! We’re not here to push anyone into our services. But, if you have $5 to spare, throw it into the raffle and maybe you’ll win. We’d like to support Anabolic Lab any way we can, and you might just win!
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    I am considering pulling the trigger and kicking in a few bucks when I get paid later this week.
    You and @mands make such a great team indeed!
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    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words, and I'm sure Mands does, as well.

    Like stated in the intro, we're sick of seeing people get fucked around (I have been, too).
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    I hear ya on that and too many scams out there for damn sure. Good you and Mands are doing something about it.
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  7. As someone who has been training for 25 yrs at age 43 and never had a coach, I’m interested in this.

    Is there a minimum period e.g 3 months?

    How are assessments of baseline (physique, conditioning, capacities, etc) determined?

    What does a check in consist of?

    How specific are the nutritional plans?

    Recs on enhancement protocols included?

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  8. @fightandorflight thanks for your inquiry!

    I believe we will stick with 3 months, as that allows us all to familiarize ourselves with what is, and what may not be working, for you personally and to really see some nice changes. If for some reason you are truly unhappy - hypothetically -, I am certain we can figure something out if you wish to discontinue before the 3 months is up (although I believe we'd all like to avoid that). Nonetheless, we don't want you to feel "trapped".... This is exactly the kind of bullshit we're trying to avoid, we want everyone to be happy with us and their results.

    Assessments will be based on a questionnaire (age, weight, experience, goals, prior diets/cycles etc.) as well as initial starting photos. We'd definitely like at least 1 front, 1 back and 1 picture of each side... More the better, though. We have compiled this process based of off what has, and has not, worked with other coaches, friends etc.

    The nutritional plans will be pretty specific, assuming you can follow them (i.e. Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3 etc. etc.) unless you struggle with this. In that case, we will switch over to a set of daily macros (however we are likely to urge certain timings of certain macros etc.).

    Protocols will be laid out for each user, depending on their goals, experience, age, etc.
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    I planned on possibly doing some work on my physique after my PL meet this weekend. I have a few bucks laying around that i was considering using on a coach to make sure i do stuff right. I might be interested. I'll let you guys know by next monday.
  10. Thank you for the consideration, please let us know what we can do to assist in the decision making process.
  11. This is the kind of thing I like to see.

    Congratulations gentlemen, this has both my blessing and approval; not that it's needed of course.
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    Can the training plans be worked with those with limited equipment? For example I have a garage gym, granted I have an ass load of commercial equipment and can do 90% of things, I have no leg extensions or leg curl machine. Are things like that worked around?
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    This is a great question, I think we would need to know more about the overall setup. I don't see why not, and I think Mands and I would like the challenge, so to speak, of catering to a more atypical situation.

    I've worked with friends who travel a lot, so they are forced to use hotel and/or local gyms a lot. This actually can be an advantage as variety is never lacking in terms of equipment.... Quite frankly, if you have basics (bench, squat racks, dumbells), you can work just as hard and efficiently as 99% of other folks.
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    Yea have all that plus a lot of other items. Will prolly be in touch for my winter bulk.
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    As @Wunderpus stated we can for sure. This type of situation gets us excited as it's a huge challenge for all of us.

    Thank you big guy. I appreciate it as does Wunder. Hopefully great things to come.

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    Let us know what we can do, you've always been a solid member and friend. We truly appreciate you considering us, as we know there are almost limitless options out there.
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  17. I would like to add we will also take into consideration any health issues. Past/Current injuries will be noted and discussed as well in this process.

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    I fully stand behind you guys on this
    I respect both of you and feel confident in your abilities to properly coach people!
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    Thanks @Evom1 , keep me in the loop with what we were PM'ing about the other day. Curious to see how things go for you!
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    Absolutely man
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