Atlas Therapeutics Corp. (Public, OTC:ATTH)

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    [I do not know a darn thing of this company! I came across them when searching on myostatin. I can see no possible way their claims are true, but, one thing for sure they are quickly marketing this concept to the public.]

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    Atlas is focused on preserving and growing the existing brand identity of MYO-T12® by refining its technical profile, and designing and implementing a marketing and sales strategy to increase penetration of the product into the existing health and fitness community. Management is also building a corporate infrastructure capable of achieving the company’s broader goals.

    In 2009, the company had approximately nine thousand customers according to internet sources. When the MYO-T12 platform was acquired, and the management team was being developed, production of the product ceased to provide Atlas with time to develop a new sales and marketing strategy, re-brand, and re-release the product. The national launch of MYO-T12, under the Muscle Company brand, will take place in June of 2011. MYO-T12

    Atlas Therapeutics Corporation is a publicly-held Nevada corporation trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol ATTH.

    Atlas Therapeutics has the following segments:

    The MYOS Company: Acquires, develops and sells nutraceuticals, medical foods, and dietary supplements which benefit those suffering from various medical conditions such as Sarcopenia, Type II Diabetes, and Obesity.

    The Muscle Company: Acquires, develops and sells muscle performance products which provide physical benefits to those who have been identified in the company’s three target market areas: Youth Max, Muscle Max and Athlete Max.

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